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Living With Traumatic Brain Injury

For more than three decades, the Brain Injury Association of America has sought to inform the public about the growing number of people living with — or caring for someone who has a traumatic brain injury. The theme of the current campaign is “Change Your Mind,” which seeks to destigmatize brain injury and empower survivors […]

When Should I Talk To The Insurance Company after a Car Accident?

You’ve just been in a car accident. Who do you call? What do you say to insurers when they call you? Virginia-based Car Accident Lawyers Rutter Mills coaches you through this tumultuous time, so you do not say anything that might diminish your financial recovery, should you decide to pursue a lawsuit. Do You Have […]

The Auto Insurance Coverage You Don’t Know You Have

Did you know you can often tap into the auto insurance policies of family members you live with in addition to your own policy if you are injured in an accident? Why would you want to do this? Our Managing Partner, Brother Rutter will explain! Below is a video of Brother sharing how and why […]

Tax Day Statistically a Dangerous Day For Fatal Car Accidents

While we all know that tax time can be a stressful time, a new study shows that it can also be a dangerous time on the roadways.  According to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association the odds of getting into a fatal crash increase by 6% on tax filing day.  […]

Driver Complaints: The Worst Intersections in Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads has its fair share of irritating intersections — crossroads that are maddening, frustrating, and just get under your skin. Intersections are some of the most crash-prone areas. Whether attributed to driver behavior, construction work, high traffic volume, or poorly timed signals, some intersections are more annoying – and potentially more dangerous – than […]

Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident? You’re Covered Up to $1 Million

Hurt in an accident while taking an Uber or a Lyft? Rest assured that injured passengers are protected by a special insurance coverage. Both companies have $1 million in liability insurance that covers uninsured and underinsured drivers. This policy is more than 40 times greater than that carried by most taxi companies, and provides a […]

Should You Talk to the Insurance Company After an Accident?

Virginia is one of the few “at-fault” states in the country, which means the person deemed responsible for causing the accident is also financially liable for paying all damages. For this reason, you should think twice before talking to the other motorist’s insurance company without representation. Naturally, they will be looking for a way out […]

5 Tips for Drivers to Ensure Kids Go Back to School Safely

The beginning of another academic year is just around the corner! Expect to soon see many yellow school buses and children with backpacks crossing the streets. During this school year, not only parents but every driver must be reminded to practice caution and good judgment when using the roadways. School buses are the main source […]

Confused about Car Seats?

Each year, thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes. Proper use of car seats helps keep children safe. But with so many different seats on the market, many parents find this overwhelming. If you are expectant parents, give yourselves enough time to learn how to properly install the car seat in […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a campaign that aims to recognize the dangers of distracted driving and encourage citizens, law enforcement, and lawmakers to explore methods to eliminate this dangerous habit. Currently 15 states prohibit drivers of all ages from using hand-held phones while driving and 38 states and the District of Columbia ban […]

January is Teen Driver Awareness Month

For many teens, the day they get their driver’s license is the most exciting day of their lives so far. It’s their first real taste of freedom as they now have the independence to drive themselves to school, work, or a friend’s house. However, statistics show that teen drivers are also the population at greatest […]

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s important to keep responsible drinking and driving practices in mind. In fact, it’s so important that each year the President of the United States declares December to be National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. An impaired driver is unable to determine driving conditions or properly asses the consequences […]

Why Are Drivers 33% More Distracted Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s?

A recent study by TrueMotion, a company which has a created several driving safety apps, revealed that there is a 33% jump in distracted driving between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. “People travel to see loved ones during the holidays. As they’re driving, they want to provide updates on where they are,” said Mark Fiorentino, Director […]

Should You Speak to an Insurance Agent After a Car Accident?

Whether you have been involved in a minor fender-bender car accident or a serious wreck, dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful and difficult. Of course, the most important thing you can do after an accident is get any necessary medical care. After you’ve begun treatment for your injuries, it is […]