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Feds Seek National Texting-While-Driving Ban

As Car Accident Lawyers, we see first hand the damage and injuries that come along with texting while driving.  Distracted driving seems to be causing more and more auto accidents as the proliferation of smart phones grows, and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is looking to do something about it.  He is urging Congress to enact […]

Why Do I Need an Attorney After an Auto Accident?

While every accident is certainly different, there are a few truths that apply across the board, and should be considered by anyone injured in an auto accident.  First, it is free to talk to an auto accident attorney. Sitting down and discussing your case costs you nothing, and can help you gain an understanding of […]

New Study Says Texting Doubles Driver’s Reaction Time

A new study from the researchers at the Texas Transportation institute has determined that a driver’s reaction time is doubled when distracted by reading or sending a text message.  This study, which was conducted in an actual driving environment shows that the impairment from texting and driving may be even worse than originally believed. As […]

Talk To Your Teen About Texting and Driving

To parents of teenagers it should come as no surprise that today’s youth are doing a great deal of texting. As these teens get older and get their drivers license, this can become a huge and extremely dangerous problem if it is not addressed. The FCC provides a few guidelines for dealing with teen drivers […]

Teen Driver Safety

With the summer coming to a close, and school about to be back in session it is a good time to talk about teen driver safety.  Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Drivers at the highest risk level are males, […]

Back To School Safe Driving Tips

In the next few weeks schools in Hampton Roads will be back in session, and the roadways will be full of kids headed to to school.  Since we have all had a summer free of school buses and child pedestrians on the road, it is worth noting a few extra precautions that we should all […]

2010 Virginia Crash Facts Show Major Improvements

The Virginia State DMV just released their final crash statistics for 2010, and the overall numbers show some very encouraging numbers for Virginia Drivers.  While there is always room for improvement the fact that 2010 saw a decrease in accidents, injuries, and fatalities is a huge step in the right direction. Additionally, alcohol related accidents […]

Passenger Van Safety

There have been a number of fatal accidents involving 15 passenger vans in the news this month, highlighting the need for owners and drivers of these vehicles to take specific steps to ensure safety for their passengers.  Due to their much larger size, passenger vans have much different handling and performance from smaller passenger vehicles. […]

Fatalities Drop Among 2010 Teen Drivers

The number of teen drivers who have died in traffic accidents has dropped as Virginia lawmakers have tightened restrictions on teen drivers over the last few years.  Traffic fatalities among VA teen drivers fell 50 percent in 2009, and again by 43 percent in 2010.  In 2010, Virginia lost 35 teen drivers to traffic accidents, […]

Your Auto Insurance Coverage

In these tough and uncertain economic times, the last thing most families want to do is to obligate themselves to pay larger monthly auto insurance premiums. What you may not realize is that the savings of ten or fifteen dollars a month in insurance premiums may cost you dearly if you are in a car […]

Teens Face Heightened Crash Risk During Summer

A recent study from AAA found that traffic deaths involving teenagers were at their highest from May through August.  The association released an analysis that found that seven of the top 10 deadliest days of the year for teen drivers fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  “We know that in the summer, kids are […]

Seatbelt Safety Statistics

With Memorial Day Weekend just a few days ahead, the Virginia State Police are out in full force looking for drivers who aren’t buckling up.  While estimates say that 80% of Virginia drivers are currently buckling up, the Virginia State Police’s annual “Click it or Ticket” campaign is designed to increase this percentage.  While receiving […]

Distracted Driving in Action

Why texting drivers can’t be stopped: wavy.com Last week, Norfolk VA news station Wavy TV 10 rode along with State Troopers to observe the effects of distracted driving in action. The results are quite frightening, as just about everywhere the cameras looked they the prevalence of distracted driving. This is just one example of the […]

Distracted Driving Statistics

As Distracted Driving Awareness Month comes to a close, the Car Accident Attorneys of Rutter Mills wanted to leave our readers with a post about the dangers of distracted driving. Inattention on the roadways is a proven killer – the good news is that it can be avoided by staying focused on the roadways. 80% […]