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12 Year Old Girl Dies after Being Hit By Car In Chesapeake

“Watch Your Speed”, “Mind Your Surroundings”, “Be Careful on the Roads”.  Everyone has heard the cautionary tales about the dangers of the road, and the calls for safe driving that come along with them. Yesterday around 4:00 PM, a 12 year old girl was killed after being hit by a car when crossing over Cedar […]

Ford Recalls 1.2 Million F-150 Pickups

Today the Ford Motor Company announced the recall of over 1 million of it’s popular F-150 pickup trucks due to defective air bags. An electrical short is the reported problem, causing air bags to deploy unexpectedly and injuring some drivers. Earlier this year, Ford acknowledged the problem, but only in 150,000 F150s, resisting the government’s […]

Faces of Distracted Driving

As Car Accident Attorneys, Rutter Mills sees distracted driving accidents happening constantly.  Distracted driving killed nearly 5,500 people last year and injured 500,000 more.  While these disturbing statistics alone should help people think twice about picking up a cell phone on the road, the stories behind the statistics are much more moving.  Distraction.gov, the official […]

How Safe Is Your Rental Car?

According to the New York Times, California lawmakers are working to enact a bill that would force rental car companies to pull recalled vehicles off the road.  Wait, rental car companies are not doing this already?  No, apparently it literally takes an act of Congress to force some of our country’s largest rental car companies […]

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration New Car Seat Guidelines

The Car Accident Lawyers at Rutter Mills have some updated safety standards regarding keeping your little ones safe within car seats.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued complete new guidelines on car seats for children from birth to 12 Months.  Below is a summary of the study’s findings. Birth – 12 Months – […]

Traffic Accident Fatalities Fall For Fifth Straight Year

The US Department of Transportation releases it’s 2010 crash statistics this week,  showing the lowest level of traffic fatalities since 1949.  The number of traffic fatalities dropped 3% from 33,808 in 2009 to 32,788 last year despite the fact that Americans drove over 20 billion miles more.  The number works out to 1.09 traffic accident […]

Airbag Safety Tips

The Car Accident Lawyers here at Rutter Mills have some valuable advice for you to stay safe during transport.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a study on airbag deployment showing the increased risk of fatality in accidents that do not include airbags.  According to the study, out of the 2.5 million vehicles […]

Accidents Caused By Speeding Aren’t Really Accidents At All

An accident by definition is something that happens when something occurs unexpectedly or unintentionally. Because we as drivers have to make conscious decisions on the road, auto accidents do not always fall under this definition. The Car Accident Attorneys of Rutter Mills know this as well as anyone else. We choose whether or not to […]

College Student Receives $490,000 Auto Accident Settlement

A college student was awarded a $490,000 Personal Injury Settlement for serious injuries sustained in a May 2008 auto accident.  The student was a passenger in a vehicle that was transporting him back to his college campus. The driver was exceeding the speed limit and lost control of the vehicle causing it to roll several […]

Distracted Driving – A Growing Epidemic

One of the most dangerous problems on America’s roads today is the act of distracted driving.  In 2009 5,474 people were killed and 450,000 were injured because of a distracted driver on the road.  That’s 16% of all fatal crashes and 20% of all injury crashes for the year.  One in five of those deaths […]