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Who is Sitting Next To You in the Courtroom?

As I sat in Virginia Beach Circuit Court today, assisting one of our attorneys with an in-court presentation the gravity of the situation began to sit in.  Working for a law firm in an administrative capacity, I have the tendency to think of a law suit in more general terms, and not think about the […]

Study Finds July 4th to Be Most Deadly Driving Day

While the July 4th Holiday is known for many things; fireworks, barbecue, and our nation’s independence, there is an unfortunate darker side to this celebrated holiday.  Statistically, July 4th has proven to be the deadliest day of the year on our nation’s roadways.  A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found […]

$26 Million Settlement Reached in Tractor-Trailor Accident

A cheese company has agreed to pay a $26.1 Million settlement in a car accident case involving one of their drivers resulting in a death of one person and life changing injuries to another passenger.  The driver of the corporate vehicle has admitted liability in this serious tractor-trailer accident case. Tractor-trailer accidents often result in […]

Fatal Car Crash Settles for $2.5 Million

The estate of a man killed in a 2009 motor vehicle crash were awarded a $2.5 million civil settlement yesterday.  The defendent driver was traveling 94 mph when he collided with a car driven by the plaintiff.  Both passengers were killed in the accident, a male and a female both only 19 years old. Wrongful […]

Fatal Accident Caused By Driver Updating Facebook Status

As auto accident lawyers, we see our fair share of accidents caused by distracted drivers.  The majority of these distracted situation come as a result of cell phone usage and texting, but a recent accident in the news takes this to another level.  A recent auto accident that resulted in a woman hitting and ultimately […]

Virginia Senate Advances Texting While Driving Law

As personal injury lawyers and auto accident attorneys we see our fair share of tragic accidents caused by the senseless activity of texting while driving.  While many states have already passed laws outlawing texting while driving, Virginia has yet to act on the subject; until now.  This week, a bill from Sen. George Barker has […]

2012 Teen Traffic Fatalities off to Bad Start

A new report by the Virginia State police finds the first month of 2012 to be off to a very bad start in terms of teen driver safety.  In the first 3 weeks of the new year alone, our state has lost 11 teen drivers in traffic accidents.  To put this in perspective, only 3 […]

Safe Winter Driving

As we have seen over the last few days, the weather can change drastically from day to day.  Winter is right around the corner, and with the changing of the seasons come very different road conditions.  Winter weather can create a big challenge for drivers.  Before the season changes, take some time to prepare for […]

“Booze It & Lose It” – Case in Point

Every year, the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety program embarks on it’s “Booze It and Lose It” campaign, aimed at raising the awareness of the serious consequences of driving while intoxicated.  During this campaign the state police also step up law enforcement targeting impaired drivers in an effort to reduce accidents over the holiday season. […]

Man Seen Using Two Cell Phones While Driving Banned From Driving for One Year

As auto accident injury lawyers, we see our fair share of serious accidents caused by distracted drivers. Both talking on a cell phone while driving and texting while driving can distract a driver, and result in serious accidents and injuries.  Last month in England, a case was reported where a driver was seen doing both […]

$1.75 Million Settlement in Interstate Accident

The plaintiff was working on a traveling crew as a telecommunications lineman when he was rear ended in rush hour traffic by a defendant who had fallen asleep at the wheel.  The impact of the accident sent the plaintiff’s vehicle airborne before it flipped over several times into a ditch.  The plaintiff, a former Marine […]

Couple Receives $1,085,647 in Tractor-Trailer Accident Case

A couple that was seriously injured in an intersection collision with a tractor trailer was awarded a settlement of $1,085,647 last month.  The plaintiff was driving in Stafford County, VA with his wife as a passenger when the defendant ran a red light in his tractor-trailer and struck the plaintiff’s car.  The couple both suffered […]

Fatal Car Crash Leads to $3 Million Jury Award

A $3,000,000 settlement was awarded to the estate of a man who was killed in an auto accident.  The accident, which took place in March of 2009 involved a man traveling with his son and daughter in law who were struck at an intersection by a negligent driver driving a truck owned by a local […]

$1.56 Million Settlement For Family of Woman Killed By Speeding Truck

A $1.56 Million settlement has been awarded to the family of a 63 Year Woman who was hit and killed by a speeding city employee at a crosswalk last year.  According to the lawsuit,  Xiu Fan Huang was walking across a crosswalk, when a vehicle driven by a Public Utilities Commission employee hit her while […]

Report: Auto Insurance Accounts for Large Share of Consumer Complaints

A recent report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) shows that for the past three years, more than 1/3 of all complaints made by consumers to state insurance regulators have been about auto insurance.  The most frequent resons for complaints according to the report were delays, denials and unsatisfactory settlement sizes. At Rutter […]