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February is Aggressive Driving Month

Have you recently experienced road rage? If you have, you are not alone. February is aggressive driving month. This is a time to reflect on your personal decisions while behind the wheel. Is speeding due to running late to work, anger for sitting in rush hour traffic, or aggressively signaling a slow driver worth a […]

DUI’s in Virginia Lead to Serious Consequences

Drunk driving continues to be a large factor in car accidents throughout Virginia. More often than not, these accidents lead to serious injury. What is the legal limit for drunk driving in Virginia? Drivers with blood alcohol content over 0.08 can be charged with drunk driving. There are serious repercussions for a DUI in Virginia. […]

Why Do I Need an Attorney After an Auto Accident?

While every accident is certainly different, there are a few truths that apply across the board, and should be considered by anyone injured in an auto accident.  First, it is free to talk to a personal injury attorney. Sitting down and discussing your case costs you nothing, and can help you gain an understanding of […]

New Study Says Texting Doubles Driver’s Reaction Time

A new study from the researchers at the Texas Transportation institute has determined that a driver’s reaction time is doubled when distracted by reading or sending a text message.  This study, which was conducted in an actual driving environment shows that the impairment from texting and driving may be even worse than originally believed.As anyone […]

Passenger Van Safety

There have been a number of fatal accidents involving 15 passenger vans in the news this month, highlighting the need for owners and drivers of these vehicles to take specific steps to ensure safety for their passengers.  Due to their much larger size, passenger vans have much different handling and performance from smaller passenger vehicles. […]