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Are You Pregnant and a Victim in a Car Crash?

A car crash can be a stressful ordeal for anyone. Pregnant women who are involved in an accident may feel overwhelmed with concerns for not only their own health, but their unborn child’s as well. They may have more serious physical damages and larger healthcare expenses than others in this situation. If you are pregnant, […]

Crash in Roanoke County – Four Victims Sent to Hospital

A serious auto accident occurred late last night, on Monday, November 18, 2013 in Roanoke County. A Jeep Cherokee SUV and a Toyota minivan were involved in the crash, sending four to the hospital. The crash was near the intersection of Brambleton Avenue and Arlington Hills Drive in South County. The accident is still under […]

What To Do If I Was Rear-Ended By A Truck?

If you have been rear-ended by a truck, you may be overwhelmed with questions. Eighteen-wheelers and other large freight carriers are massive in relation to cars, thus causing serious, sometimes fatal, accidents. Roughly 500,000 truck-related accidents occur nationally each year; 5,000 result in fatalities. These accidents typically occur because of negligence. Trucks have large blind […]

National Safety Council Releases Fatality Estimates

The national Safety Council has released it’s most recent study showing that motor vehicle deaths in the first 2/3 of 2012 have increased by a dramatic 7% over the previous year.  These results are startling considering the fatality numbers have been decreasing for the last few years.   With major strides being made in car […]

Be Safe on the Roads this Halloween

While most of us may think of Halloween primarily as a children’s holiday full of costumes and trick or treating, it is worth noting that there can be another nastier side of the holiday.  In fact, Halloween is considered one of the big “Drinking Days” , and is traditionally one of the busiest times of […]

How to Get Fair Treatment from Your Insurance Company

As auto accident attorneys in the state of Virginia for the last 50 years we hear this one all the time.   “I think the insurance company is taking advantage of me.”  As a matter of a fact, we hear it every single day.  When drivers pay their premiums to auto insurance companies, they expect […]

AT&T Launches Campaign to Stop Texting While Driving

AT&T, one of the nation’s largest cellular providers has launched it’s “It Can Wait” Campaign aimed at getting young drivers to pledge to not text and drive.  A recent AT&T conducted survey found that 75% of teens say it is common for their friends to text while driving.  75% is a remarkably huge number and […]

State Awards $9,250,000 in DUI Settlement

An 18 year old female who was hit head on by a drunk driver last year recently was awarded $9,250,000 in a recent jury verdict.   The girl who was critically injured and is now suffering ongoing problems with her feet and legs is now the recipient of the largest ever DUI accident settlement in […]

Back To School Safe Driving Tips

As the bell rings in a new school year, the Personal Injury Attorneys of Rutter Mills are asking drivers to use extra caution on the roadways. After a summer free of school buses and walking students, drivers can develop habits that might not be safe around school year vehicular traffic, bus stop activity, walkers, and […]

$500,000 Settlement for Couple Hit By Texting Driver

A married couple who were severely injured when they were struck by a teen driver who was texting have recently been rewarded $500,000 in damages. The $500,000 rewarded was the policy limit for the teen driver.The couple involved in the accident where driving a motorcycle on the highway when the defendant who was allegedly driving […]

Texting and Driving Results in Death

It is not news to most that texting and driving can be a very dangerous activity.  In fact, most people know how dangerous it can be but do it anyway – creating a very dangerous disconnect.  There have been two extreme examples of this in the news lately that demonstrate this very point. Taylor Sauer […]

Who is Sitting Next To You in the Courtroom?

As I sat in Virginia Beach Circuit Court today, assisting one of our attorneys with an in-court presentation the gravity of the situation began to sit in.  Working for a law firm in an administrative capacity, I have the tendency to think of a law suit in more general terms, and not think about the […]

Study Finds July 4th to Be Most Deadly Driving Day

While the July 4th Holiday is known for many things; fireworks, barbecue, and our nation’s independence, there is an unfortunate darker side to this celebrated holiday.  Statistically, July 4th has proven to be the deadliest day of the year on our nation’s roadways.  A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found […]

Injured? We are Here to Help.

If you have suffered a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence, the deck probably feels pretty stacked against your right about now.  Your are in pain, unable to work, your life is turned upside down, the insurance company has taken an oposing stance and it starts to feel like no one is in your […]

Cell Phone Ban is Reducing Distracted Driving Deaths

In 2008, the State of California became one of the first to issue a ban on hand held cell phones in automobiles with hopes of reducing auto accidents that come as a result of distracted driving.  Now, four years later, the California State Office of Traffic Safety announced that the total number of traffic deaths […]