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Buckle Up – It Could Save Your Life

  If I told you that one simple thing that takes only a second could save your life, would you do it?  Of course you would, we all would.  Well, that one simple thing is something that many of us take for granted.  A recent study conducted by Drive Smart Virginia concluded that in 60% […]

Feds Seek National Texting-While-Driving Ban

As auto accident lawyers in the state of Virginia, we see first hand the damage and injuries that come along with texting while driving.  Distracted driving seems to be causing more and more auto accidents as the proliferation of smart phones grows, and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is looking to do something about it.  He […]

Safe Winter Driving

As we have seen over the last few days, the weather can change drastically from day to day.  Winter is right around the corner, and with the changing of the seasons come very different road conditions.  Winter weather can create a big challenge for drivers.  Before the season changes, take some time to prepare for […]

Teen Driver Safety

With the summer coming to a close, and school about to be back in session it is a good time to talk about teen driver safety.  Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Drivers at the highest risk level are males, […]

Fatal Car Crash Leads to $3 Million Jury Award

A $3,000,000 settlement was awarded to the estate of a man who was killed in an auto accident.  The accident, which took place in March of 2009 involved a man traveling with his son and daughter in law who were struck at an intersection by a negligent driver driving a truck owned by a local […]

Distracted Driving Statistics

As Distracted Driving Awareness Month comes to a close, I wanted to leave our readers with a post about the dangers of distracted driving. Inattention on the roadways is a proven killer – the good news is that it can be avoided by staying focused on the roadways.   80% of all crashes recently studied […]

A Broken Record: The Recorded Statement

Almost immediately after a motor vehicle collision, an insurance company will contact an injured person and ask them to provide what is commonly known as a recorded statement. The adjuster will sometimes take the statement in the initial conversation, but it is usually soon after the first phone conversation. The adjuster will usually ask the […]

12 Year Old Girl Dies after Being Hit By Car In Chesapeake

“Watch Your Speed”, “Mind Your Surroundings”, “Be Careful on the Roads”.  Everyone has heard the cautionary tales about the dangers of the road, and the calls for safe driving that come along with them. Yesterday around 4:00 PM, a 12 year old girl was killed after being hit by a car when crossing over Cedar […]

Virginia Debuts Motorcycle Rider Alert Cards

The state of Virginia has just announced a new program aimed at providing motorcyclists prompt and proper care after an accident.  The program includes new “Rider Alert Cards” that will be placed inside the riders’ helmet that contains medical information, emergency contacts and other pertinent information.  The goal is that first responders will have quicker […]