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Passenger Van Safety

There have been a number of fatal accidents involving 15 passenger vans in the news this month, highlighting the need for owners and drivers of these vehicles to take specific steps to ensure safety for their passengers.  Due to their much larger size, passenger vans have much different handling and performance from smaller passenger vehicles. […]

Your Auto Insurance Coverage

In these tough and uncertain economic times, the last thing most families want to do is to obligate themselves to pay larger monthly auto insurance premiums. What you may not realize is that the savings of ten or fifteen dollars a month in insurance premiums may cost you dearly if you are in a car […]

A Broken Record: The Recorded Statement

Almost immediately after a motor vehicle collision, an insurance company will contact an injured person and ask them to provide what is commonly known as a recorded statement. The adjuster will sometimes take the statement in the initial conversation, but it is usually soon after the first phone conversation. The adjuster will usually ask the […]

Report: Auto Insurance Accounts for Large Share of Consumer Complaints

A recent report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) shows that for the past three years, more than 1/3 of all complaints made by consumers to state insurance regulators have been about auto insurance.  The most frequent resons for complaints according to the report were delays, denials and unsatisfactory settlement sizes.    At […]