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Spring Cleaning for a Safe Home

It’s the perfect season to begin to cleaning the inside and outside our homes. Spring cleaning typically involves lifting, moving heavy objects, using ladders, and working outdoors. Heavy lifting and physical activities can increase the risk for at-home injuries.  According to the Home Safety Council, there are over 10 million unintentional home injuries nationally per […]

Think Before You Sign Anything in a Personal Injury Claim

As Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys, one of the first questions we always get is “The insurance company is trying to get me to sign something, what should I do”.  Well, the short answer is “Don’t Do It”.     The long answer is that when the insurance company gives you something to sign, they are […]

The Most Dangerous Part of Your Day

You may think of your morning commute as a lot of things; tedious, stressful, annoying amongst other words that I won’t say – but you probably don’t consider that it is most likely the most dangerous time of your day.  Every morning in Hampton Roads, the highways are jammed with thousands of drivers of which […]

Fatal Accident Caused By Driver Updating Facebook Status

As Auto Accident lawyers, we see our fair share of accidents caused by distracted drivers.  The majority of these distracted situation come as a result of cell phone usage and texting, but a recent accident in the news takes this to another level.  A recent auto accident that resulted in a woman hitting and ultimately […]