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Have You Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

Have you applied for Social Security Disability benefits and been denied? Don’t give up; you are not alone. Let the Social Security Attorneys at Rutter Mills help you claim your benefits. Congressional and Social Security’s own statistics prove a dramatic difference in case outcomes depending on whether an attorney is involved. A Social Security Disability […]

Would You Like to Apply for Social Security Disability?

Does the following apply to you? – You have a mental or physical condition that is severe enough that you are unable to work. – You expect your ailment to last for at least a full year. – You have completed at least 5 years straight of employment prior to being unable to work. If […]

Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

There are many of us who cannot work due to severe physical or mental disability. If you are unable to work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. In 2012, 3.2 million people applied for SSD or SSI. Unfortunately, many who file for financial assistance are denied. The Social Security Administration […]

Rules For Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is a federal government program designed to provide income to individuals who are physically or mentally unable to work.  In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must meet certain requirements as set forth by the Social Security Administration. Below are the qualifications as outlined by the SSA:   For […]

I’ve Been Denied Social Security, Now What.

If you have applied for Social Security Disability, and your claim has been denied – don’t be scared this is not the end of the road.  In fact most disability claims are initially denied, and if you disagree with the decision, you have the right to an appeal.  The appeal process gives you the opportunity […]

Stress Management to Ward Off Disability

  New studies have found a link between higher stress levels and poor coping skills to more serious, sometimes life-threatening, psychological and physical disorders. Individuals suffering from these disorders typically qualify for disability aid under programs like Social Security disability insurance. It has been proven that stress can lead to conditions such as high blood […]