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10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits

Muti-tasking during a daily commute has become a way of life for many of us – our cars have become a second home away from home. However, distracted driving can have deadly consequences. According to the Centers of Disease Control, distracted driving kills more than 15 people and injures more than 1,200 each day. So […]

$500,000 Settlement for Couple Hit By Texting Driver

A married couple who were severely injured when they were struck by a teen driver who was texting have recently been rewarded $500,000 in damages. The $500,000 rewarded was the policy limit for the teen driver.The couple involved in the accident where driving a motorcycle on the highway when the defendant who was allegedly driving […]

Texting and Driving Results in Death

It is not news to most that texting and driving can be a very dangerous activity.  In fact, most people know how dangerous it can be but do it anyway – creating a very dangerous disconnect.  There have been two extreme examples of this in the news lately that demonstrate this very point. Taylor Sauer […]

Distracted Driving Awareness Month Comes to a Close

This April marked the first official Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a new awareness program rolled out nationally with the full support of safety advocates, law enforcement agencies and the United States Department of Transportation.  Over the course of the month, state, local, and national government agencies joined to deliver the message “One Text or Call […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

As many of us know, distracted driving is becoming more and more of a problem on our roadways.  The National Safety Council has an urgent request for all drivers: Make April the month you ditch the cell phone behind the wheel.   Thousands of fatal crashes each year involve drivers using cell phones, and the […]

$8.8 Million Rewarded in Wrongful Death Case

An $8.8 Million settlement was awarded to the family of a woman killed in an automobile accident.  The woman and her husband were struck by a teen driver who was not only speeding, but texting while driving.  After further investigation it was found that the teen was texting his girlfirend when the accident occured, and […]

New Study Says Texting Doubles Driver’s Reaction Time

A new study from the researchers at the Texas Transportation institute has determined that a driver’s reaction time is doubled when distracted by reading or sending a text message.  This study, which was conducted in an actual driving environment shows that the impairment from texting and driving may be even worse than originally believed.As anyone […]