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We are thrilled to share the story of another client who received the justice they deserved after a maritime injury. Our client, a tugboat deckhand with a lifetime’s worth of experience on the water, was injured while helping bring a large barge into the dock of a commercial pier. The barge struck the pier in the process of this work. Upon impact, our client fell approximately 20 feet onto the concrete below, causing him to sustain feet and ankle fractures. His injuries have required extensive surgeries and he will no longer be able to work on the water or in any kind of heavy labor capacity.

While the defense argued liability, Rutter Mills attorneys Adam Lotkin and Brother Rutter fought hard to prove otherwise. They were successful in not only establishing liability but also in demonstrating the long-term suffering the accident will cause their client in the future.

Before trial, a settlement was negotiated, and our client was awarded $300,000 in past medical costs,  $50,000 in future medical expenses, $50,000 in lost income, and $1,000,000 in lost future earning capacity. The entire Rutter Mills team is thrilled to have helped our client get the justice he so deserved in this extraordinary maritime law case.