Andrew Boran


Andrew Boran

Personal Injury Attorney

  • Virginia State Bar

  • Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Association

  • Virginia Trial Lawyers Association

  • Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys (Past Member)

  • Maritime Law Association of the United States (Past Member)

Recent Settlements/Verdicts

$255,000 Settlement After $5000 Initial Offer

$300,000 For a Car Accident Victim

$150,000 Won for a Vehicle Passenger

$100,000 To a Portsmouth Woman with Whiplash

Andrew Boran is an experienced litigator, having spent the first twenty years of his career in the insurance industry. He has served as a prosecutor, investigator, appraiser, manager, and process leader. This background not only makes him formidable in court, but his knowledge of insurance law helps his clients navigate their coverage and policies to maximize their compensation.

“After 20 years in the insurance industry, I am happpy to be on the right side of injury law.”


Andy’s experience as a prosecutor, investigator, appraiser, manager, and process leader places him in a unique position to represent the interests of his clients. The selection of an attorney cannot guarantee a particular outcome, but Andy negotiates satisfying settlements when appropriate and successfully represents his clients at trial when needed.


“I don’t work in law for the recognition or accolades; I focus on giving my clients the best experience and results.”


Andy has tried cases and argued in favor of the rights of his clients in almost every court in Virginia.  He has appellate experience having handled cases from General District Courts, Circuit Courts, and the Supreme Court of Virginia. Prior to attending law school, Andy worked for a major national insurer. He has extensive knowledge of insurance law and can help his clients navigate the intricacies of insurance coverage in order to maximize their compensation.

Mr. Boran, like all Rutter Mills attorneys, is a skilled litigator. His unique experience working for the insurance companies gives him a leg up on the opponent during negotiations and at trial. After years of seeing how insurance companies treat their own clients like a number, Andy came to be a plaintiff’s attorney to defend the rights of those same people the big companies were taking advantage of.

One of his clients recently wrote, “I was unfortunate enough to be in a car accident caused by someone texting and driving a couple years ago… after working directly with the at-fault insurance company for a couple months, I quickly realized they were attempting to take advantage of me. I called Rutter Mills and was blown away by their service from the very first phone call. Not only did they win my case, every single person I spoke to and worked with (starting with my attorney, Andrew Boran), were extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and caring. These people are the best of the best.”

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A Rutter Mills case is a serious case. It may mean you have been badly injured. It certainly means you have a lot on the line, and the resolution of your case will make a big difference to you, your family, and your life moving forward.

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Chuck C.

Rutter Mills did exactly what I needed. Took all the pressure off of me, negotiated a fair settlement, and treated me royally in the process. At a low point in my mood, they even sent me cookies! My attorney Mr Boran, Kathy, Julie and the rest made a bad situation as painless as possible. I feel lucky to have chosen them after my accident. Thanks Rutter Mills team

Melissa F.

The Rutter Mills team has been exceptional while dealing with our case! Kathy Saunders, Joseph Young and Andrew Boran have been a tremendous help and have been very communicative throughout this entire process. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help represent our family! I would recommend them to anyone who needs their expertise! They make sure I don’t miss a beat when it comes to the case and I am very appreciative!

Autumn D.

Dont make it harder than it needs to be. Choose Rutter Mills! I had never needed to contact an attorney, it was all new to me and I was in pain from being rear ended while at a stop light. I did like most and checked reviews. I called Rutter Mills and not for one second did I ever doubt my decision. I had the pleasure of working with attorney Andrew Boran and his paralegal Kathy Saunders. They were there for me every step of the way. Extremely understanding and knowledgeable. They stayed in touch with me and went to bat for me. I highly recommend them to anyone. Don't make it harder than it needs to be on yourself, CALL RUTTER MILLS NOW!

Rhonda J.

The team at Ruttermills are fantastic. Communication is a big thing to me and they kept the door of communication open. They are patient, they are concerning and dedicated to YOUR cause. They get ☆☆☆☆☆ from me. Thank you so much Kathy for explaining everything to me and listening to my venting.

Kirk W.

I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the Rutter Mill Law Organization. Especially the help and guidance of Andrew Boran and Kathy Saunders in settling my accident lawsuit. Your constant updates on my case kept me well informed of the progress of the lawsuit and eventually getting me a great settlement. Thank you!


You don’t have to worry about the bills, just get healthy.

Dave Put His Trust in Us

Don’t Fall For The Insurance Company’s Games

Dave suffered serious injuries in a car accident. The defendant’s insurance company tried to offer him a low amount so Dave called Rutter Mills. We took over dealing with the insurance and got Dave the money he needed to get back on his feet.

They enabled me to be happy in life again.

Get Back On Track

Protecting Your Future

Glenn’s car accident changed his life, but not permanently thanks to the help of his Rutter Mills attorney. When the insurance companies wouldn’t help him, our team fought back and won.

I knew I needed Rutter Mills.

Fighting For What's Right

Getting Justice

On his way home from work at the shipyard, Dan was involved in an accident. He tried to file a claim on his own, but the insurance company wouldn’t give him the money he needed to put his life back on track. Dan knew he needed to call Rutter Mills.

They actually won my case 3 times!

Larena's Win

After her car accident, Larena asked her father, a local stevedore, for his advice on who to call. He recommended Rutter Mills. Her team of car accident experts at Rutter Mills fought back when the insurance companies tried to deny her the money she needed to recuperate from her injuries. We took her case to trial – and won. When the insurance company filed their appeals, we beat them again – two more times! Larena got the money she needed and the justice she deserved.

We’re going to immediately call Rutter Mills. That’s the people I trust with my baby girl.

Who Do You Trust With Your Family?

After a car accident, Jamaree’s first call was to her mom. She was shaken up and scared. Mom told her “We’re calling Rutter Mills. Her next was to Rutter Mills. Her Rutter Mills car accident team helped her get compensation “above & beyond” what she was expecting.

They lifted allot of stress off my shoulders. I recommend them to anybody because they WILL fight for you.

Who Can You Turn To?

Referrals From Friends and Family

After John was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, he turned to the person he trusts most for a recommendation. His wife, a paralegal of 30 years, told him to call Rutter Mills on the advice of the lawyer she worked for.

They really care for you as a person. Words cannot describe what Rutter Mills did for me and for my case.

When You Need Someone In Your Corner

Don’t Go It Alone

When the insurance company tried to get Carol to sign paperwork after her car accident, she knew she needed a lawyer. Carol knew she needed Rutter Mills.

When I called Rutter Mills, I knew it was the right fit. They’re so interested in helping you get justice.

Getting The Justice You Deserve

When Mom Needs Strength

Taryn was in a car accident while she was pregnant. She knew she needed someone in her corner to protect her rights and her family’s future.

There’s attorneys, then there’s Rutter Mills.

We're Here When The Unexpected Happens


A devasting accident changed Levon’s life forever. The physical and emotional toll left him scared and in pain. When the insurance company for the defendant contacted the family, they made an offer that did not even cover the cost of the medication, much less doctors’ bills, and physical therapy. They knew they needed to talk to a serious lawyer. Rutter Mills took care of the negotiation so Levon could focus on healing.

When you’ve got a serious injury, you need a serious lawyer. That’s why we chose Rutter Mills.

Motorcycle Accidents Change Everything

When Ed was injured in a motorcycle crash, he knew he needed a serious lawyer to protect his rights. The insurance companies were fighting him every step of the way. Rutter Mills helped prove Ed’s case and get him the money he needed to get on the road to recovery.

With the seriousness of the accident, I knew that we needed a serious lawyer. I needed Rutter Mills.

Carol & Levon's Story

They knew they needed a serious lawyer when Carol and her son were seriously injured. After the other party’s insurance company tried to get her to settle for less than she needed, Carol called Rutter Mills for help. We took on the insurance company so she could focus on healing.

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