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When you are injured, you do not have to suffer financial burdens as well. In Norfolk, you can seek damages from the person or company responsible. 


Rutter Mills has 65+ years of experience to guide you through the process


Our compassionate team is here to assist you with a free consultation. Contact us today for a free case review.


Trusted Local Injury Lawyers in Norfolk

For more than six decades, Rutter Mills has stood at the forefront of legal advocacy in Hampton Roads, delivering unparalleled client service and achieving remarkable outcomes. Our firm’s legacy, spanning over 65 years, is built on a foundation of dedication, expertise, and relentless pursuit of justice for our clients. Specializing in a broad range of practice areas, we take pride in our deep-rooted understanding of the law, which enables us to provide tailored, effective solutions to those we serve.

Exceptional Client Service = Exceptional Results


Our dedicated team of legal professionals understands the complexities of personal injury law and is committed to guiding each client through their legal journey with compassion, transparency, and relentless advocacy. With decades of experience and a track record of securing substantial settlements and verdicts, Rutter Mills stands out as a trusted ally for those impacted by injuries. We believe in a personalized approach, ensuring every client feels heard, valued, and supported from consultation to case conclusion. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes Rutter Mills Injury Lawyers the preferred choice for individuals seeking justice and compensation in Norfolk and beyond.


What to do After a Serious Injury

The best next steps if you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness is to contact the experienced Norfolk injury lawyers at Rutter Mills. Our free consultation allows you and your family time to discuss the details of your case, be heard and understood in a safe, compassionate environment. We know what you are going through and our team will help you understand the legal process behind making things right.

Injury Lawyers

A few examples of types of Norfolk personal injury lawsuit include; if you are hurt and not at fault, injured through another’s neglect, or hurt on someone else’s property.


Unfortunately car accidents are very common across the Hampton Roads area. What’s not common is knowing if you have a case that needs the expertise of a Norfolk car accident lawyer.

If you’ve been in an accident and you were not at fault, contact us today to see what the best next steps are. It’s also good to know, the same thing is true for Norfolk motorcycle accidents or Norfolk truck accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents can cause just as much if not more damage than car accidents due to the added danger motorcycles can create, not just for the rider, but for the cars around them as well.

To ensure your taking care of all aspects of the accident, consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Norfolk today.

Truck Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been involved in an accident and are in need of a specialized truck accident lawyer in Norfolk, we’re here to help. The Rutter Mills team offers free consultations to review your case as well as provide you with 65+ years of experience in injury law so you and your loved ones can work more on healing.


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Rutter Mills Law Firm

Personal Injury

We are here for you in your time of need, providing compassionate guidance and aggressive advocacy in a wide range of personal injury matters. Our top-rated attorneys will fight the insurance companies and get you back on your feet.

Personal Injury Lawyers
Personal Injury Lawyers

Car Accidents

We’re here to listen. A member of our team will meet with you, focusing on not only what happened, but also what you are going through and how it’s impacted your life. Then we’ll tell you what options are available to you to get on the road to recovery.

Car Accident Lawyers
Car Accident Lawyers

Maritime/Jones Act Law

Personal injuries that happen when you’re working – or playing – on the water aren’t governed by “the law of the land.” They are subject to maritime laws under the Jones Act– also known as admiralty law.

Maritime Lawyers

Motorcycle Accidents

We’re here to listen. A member of our team will meet with you, focusing on listening to not only what happened, but also what you are going through and how it’s impacted your life.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often serious. We are here to listen to your story so we can guide you to healing. Our team has represented some of the largest truck accident cases in Virginia. Call us and see how we can help you today.

Truck Accident Lawyers
Truck Accident Lawyers

Workers Compensation

If you’ve been injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance may entitle you to critical assistance like medical treatment, lost wages, and more. But insurance companies will put up an aggressive fight to resist paying you the compensation you need and deserve. Rutter Mills can help get you the money you deserve.

Workers Compensation Lawyers
Workers Comp Lawyer

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Rutter Mills proudly calls Norfolk home, with an office in the heart of the Neon Arts District at 160 W Brambleton Ave. in downtown Norfolk. Ample parking is located across from our handsome brick building, allowing easy access. We provide legal assistance with personal injury matters at NO UPFRONT COST to plaintiffs. Attorney fees are taken out of final settlements or jury awards, so you never have to worry about affording the best legal care.

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When you’ve been injured, you’ve got a lot at stake – but so does the insurance company.  Being represented by a serious lawyer makes all the difference.  Call Rutter Mills today and let us even the playing field for you.

Lawrence W.

My experience is one that I would never forget I appreciate all the hard work that went into my case and a dedication and so grateful for the outcome. Thanks again, Ms.Montgomery. You and your staff are the best.

Rhonda J.

The team at Ruttermills are fantastic. Communication is a big thing to me and they kept the door of communication open. They are patient, they are concerning and dedicated to YOUR cause. They get ☆☆☆☆☆ from me. Thank you so much Kathy for explaining everything to me and listening to my venting.

Dorian F.

Joe Young and Kathy Saunders were the absolute best. They kept me informed and properly communicated all information with me in a timely manner. They also were able to get me the amount I requested without going back and forth with me. They were a true pleasure to work with and for this reason I will continue to do business with Rutter Mills.

Ridge W.

Gina Montgomery and Morgan Phipps did a phenomenal job with my case! I was involved in a car accident and they helped me get the proper care while I was waiting on my case to conclude and also worked very hard to win my case in the court room.

Isabel B

I was in an auto accident and was injured. We didn’t know anything about the legal process. A friend recommended Rutter Mills. Our team, Andrew Boran and Kathy Saunders guided us and explained each step in our claim to a fair settlement.


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