Texting While Driving Is A Leading Cause of Teen Crashes

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Texting While Driving Is A Leading Cause of Teen Crashes

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For years parents and police have been preaching the dangers of drunk driving to their children. While these warnings are justified, there is a new danger that has taken drunk driving’s place as the leading cause of accidents for teen drivers.

A study from researchers at Cophen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park estimates that more than 3,000 annual teen deaths and over 300,000 injuries come as a result of texting and driving. This number surpasses the estimated 2,700 teen deaths and 282,000 injuries that come as a result of drunk driving.

This same study found that of teenagers aged 15-18 years old nationwide, an estimated 49 percent of boys admitted to texting while driving compared with 45 percent of girls.

Dr. Andrew Adesman who led the recent study stated that the data showed “A person who is texting can be as impaired as a driver who is legally drunk,” noting that a texting driver is distracted from the movement of traffic and the function of his or her own vehicle.

While the results of this study are in no way meant to diminish the dangers of drunk driving, Dr. Adesman and his team of investigators hope that it will shine some light on the growing danger of texting and driving. “We have very strong taboos against drinking and driving. Kids don’t drink and drive every day. But some kids are out there texting and driving seven days a week – and they admit it”

As car accident attorneys, we see the dangerous effects of texting and driving on a daily basis. While new laws and legislation are helping curb the use of cell phones while driving, we feel there is no substitute for talking to your children. Have an honest conversation about the very real risks that come as a result of distracted driving. Most importantly, model the behavior you want to see in them. Putting down your phone when driving sends a clear message about what’s right.

If you were injured in an accident and you believe phone use was involved, call our team today and see how our investigators work to establish fault for Virginia car accident cases.