Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Lawyers


Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Lawyers


The loss of a loved one is one of life’s deepest pains. Worse yet is feeling you could have prevented what happened. If someone close to you has passed away due to the careless actions of another, a Rutter Mills wrongful death attorney in Virginia Beach can pursue a claim for you to avenge your loved one and protect your financial future.

After a loss, you may feel overwhelmed emotionally and financially. Knowing how to get help is the first step to healing. 


From resources for grief counseling to investigating what really happened, we will be by your side, getting you the help and answers you need. 

Wrongful Death Lawyers


Thorough investigation and an unwavering pursuit of justice are our means to uncover truths as we hold negligent and reckless wrongdoers accountable for your loss. Not only does Rutter Mills have the experience and resources necessary to win your case – we have a team of compassionate, justice-driven attorneys ready to defend those who have unfairly lost a loved one due to the carelessness of another person or company.


Our Virginia Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help Estimate Your Future Losses

While hospital, funeral, and burial bills are easily calculated, our lawyers are skilled in estimating other losses you might endure. When pursuing compensation for lost income, a skilled wrongful death attorney in Virginia will bring in forensic experts to determine how much income your loved one would have continued earning for your family.

We’ll use this number to total up the amount you and your family need to survive moving forward. You can focus on healing from your trauma without the weight of financial costs worrying you.

Our team will also work with mental health experts who understand and attest to yours and your family’s anguish and trauma. While there is no price for your pain, these damages are our way of ensuring your family’s future is taken care of as you rebuild after your loss.

Get Medical Costs Covered in Your Virginia Wrongful Death Claim

If your loved one survived with serious injuries for an extended period before passing away, you might feel helpless. You might question what the point was of their undue suffering. You might seek justice on their behalf.

There’s an additional way to help cover the tremendous expenses of your loved one’s medical treatment prior to their death. Filing a survival cause of action on top of the wrongful death claim can recover money from medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. If you file a survival cause of action and are successful, the funds  would be paid out through the deceased person’s estate.

Cost of Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim in Virginia

Rutter Mills doesn’t charge clients any retainer fees, upfront costs, or out-of-pocket expenses. We handle cases on a contingency basis. That means your Virginia wrongful death lawyer only gets paid after recovering compensation that satisfies the needs of your family.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from calling for a free consultation. If we don’t win your case, you don’t have to worry about paying for our legal services.

Contact Rutter Mills for a Free Consultation

Rutter Mills will work tirelessly for you. Through investigations, we’ll find answers you need for closure. By consulting highly qualified experts, we’ll understand the full impact of your loss so we can make sure your needs are provided for. While we take care of the paperwork, you and your family can focus on healing together.

Wrongful death claims may be difficult – but difficulty does not deter us from helping you get closure. We can help you follow the next course of action. If you need guidance through your time of suffering, we can help you pursue a wrongful death claim and protect your family’s future. Call our 24/7 line or contact us on our website so we may support and assist you.

Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Protect Your Family

Each case is unique, but the Virginia Beach wrongful death attorneys at Rutter Mills will be help your family in obtaining the resources you need to help your healing. Managing partners Rutter and Lotkin have a wealth of experience in fighting for families with wrongful death cases. We advocate strongly for justice and ongoing support of victims who’ve been left behind to struggle through the grief of losing a loved one.

Whether a it was a local worker killed in a shipyard incident or the death of a beloved father in a high-speed car accident, Rutter Mills has helped families recover the necessary finances to support healing, treatment for emotional duress, and survival expenses for those left behind.


Situations That Lead to Wrongful Death

The worst grievance is knowing a death could’ve been prevented, for instance, if safety measures were not in place and someone suffers a fatal fall in a warehouse or is exposed to harmful chemicals in their workplace. When safety is jeopardized, nothing can undo the harm it causes.

Legally, a wrongful death is a fatality caused by another person’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct. Whether the victim’s loss was immediate or a painful, drawn out process, several circumstances can lead to a wrongful death claim, including: assault, defective products, failure to maintain premises, hazardous chemical exposure, pedestrian accidents, premises liability (slip, trip, and falls or drownings on a property).


When a collision leads to a fatality everything changes. If you have lost a loved one due to a fatal car accident in Virginia Beach, you may have recourse to seek financial compensation for your family to help with expenses. You have lost enough. You should not have to bear additional financial burden as well. Our car accident lawyers will help you understand your legal options.

When we put our trust in healthcare professionals we expect the utmost attention will be given to save our lives. However, there are times when doctors or nurses make mistakes. Misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, failure to treat, over-medicating a patient, or surgical errors may all be grounds for a civil lawsuit in Virginia Beach. We work with medical experts to help prove your loss could have been prevented.

We depend on some products to keep us safe. Everything from airbags, brakes,  and tires on a vehicle to infant seats and medical devices. When these things fail the manufacturer could be to blame. In those cases, you want an experienced team product liability lawyer to look at your case.



It takes a special kind of lawyer to identify your needs, both now and in the future. This is specifically what Rutter Mills wrongful death lawyers focus on. Rutter Mills’ personal injury lawyers are sympathetic negotiators and litigators who focus first on your emotional needs during your time of grief. We pursue financial compensation because we understand the support you will need to heal will cost money.

In your time of mourning, we believe you are entitled to whatever resources you need to heal from the wrongful death and loss of someone dear to you. With our experience, we’ll lead you to support systems you need to treat:

  • Your grief, anguish, sorrow, and emotional trauma
  • Income lost due to a loved one’s death
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of services, care, protection, assistance, and companionship
  • Medical bills
  • Damages meant to punish the wrongdoer responsible for your tragedy

With our help, you will find yourself and your family well-supported for the future of your healing.

The loss of a loved one can put major stressors on a family. Not everyone may agree on who is entitled to receive compensation following a tragic loss. That’s why contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible is important. When you hire a Rutter Mills’ wrongful death attorney to pursue your claim, we become a personal legal representative, taking action for a victim’s surviving family members and their estate. Those left behind are entitled to inheritance and may then be listed in the wrongful death claim. Eligibility for filing a claim includes the following:

  • A spouse (if married) and children of the decedent
  • If their parents are deceased, grandchildren may file
  • If there is no spouse, children, or grandchildren, the parent(s), brothers, and sisters may file
  • Dependent relatives within the household—related by blood, marriage, or adoption—can be included
  • Heirs to the estate under Virginia’s intestacy law can file if there are no other legitimate survivors

It is important to consider all who may wish to be included, as only one wrongful death claim may be filed for the departed person.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Virginia?

Deadline for Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Virginia Beach

According to the legal Code of Virginia § 8.01-244, there’s a statute of limitations for filing wrongful death claims. The law states that your claim must be filed within 2 years of the date your loved one died, not the day they were injured.

When dealing with loss, two years is no time at all and you might not have the energy to spend on a claim. We can help you avoid legal hassle during your time of mourning. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders and handle legal matters for you.

If you and your family are considering filing a claim for your deceased loved one, reach out to a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. We’ll ensure your claim is filed properly so you can concentrate on what matters most – your healing.

Contact a Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer at Rutter Mills

A Rutter Mills case is a serious case. It may mean you have been badly injured. It certainly means you have a lot on the line, and the resolution of your case will make a big difference to you, your family, and your life moving forward.


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