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Virginia property owners owe a legal duty to keep their properties maintained and free of hazards. If there is an unsafe condition, they must take steps to remedy the issue – and, at the very least, warn guests of the potential hazards. If you have been hurt on someone else’s property and suspect that negligence on the part of a property owner or manager may have been to blame, contact a knowledgeable slip & fall injury lawyer at Rutter Mills for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation today. Our personal injury attorneys are here to help.

According to the CDC, one in five falls will result in serious injury.


Falls account for more than over 8 million emergency room visits each year.


60% of nursing home residents will experience a fall each year. 

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Rutter Mills is not a newcomer to the legal scene in Virginia. With over six decades of experience, the firm has built a legacy of excellence and a reputation for achieving remarkable results for their clients. The lawyers at Rutter Mills have a deep understanding of slip and fall law, and they have successfully handled numerous cases involving a wide range of accidents, from slippery floors in retail stores to hazardous conditions on private properties. Their extensive knowledge of Virginia’s premises liability laws enables them to provide clients with exceptional legal representation.

A slip and fall accident can be traced back to property owner negligence if you’ve been injured on:

  • Accumulations of ice, snow, or water
  • Broken handrails or stairs
  • Cluttered walking areas
  • Damaged flooring
  • Exposed tree roots
  • Fallen merchandise
  • Improper signage
  • Poor lighting
  • Ripped or torn carpeting
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Unmarked wet floors or pools of liquid

These and other dangerous conditions can lead to slips, trips, and falls. Not every situation warrants liability, but if you have suffered catastrophic injury resulting in high medical bills, it’s worth investigating.

Who Is To Blame For Your Injury?

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What a Slip and Fall Attorney Can Do for You

Property owners are generally well-insured, and these insurance companies are out to settle with you as quickly, quietly, and for as little money as possible. While you can try to file a slip and fall lawsuit on your own, it is not recommended due to the complexity of fighting for maximum compensation and proving fault in these cases.

slip and fall attorney can:

  • Hire a team of investigators to discover exactly what happened prior to the accident.
  • Construct a compelling legal argument backed by substantial evidence.
  • Handle all paperwork, as well as pay upfront filing fees and expenses related to your lawsuit.
  • Take depositions, hire medical experts, and secure witness testimony on your behalf.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and defendants on your behalf in settlement talks and court.
  • Help you ensure the court agreement gets enforced as it was settled.

F.A.Q’s About Slip and Fall Injuries

It can be difficult to ascertain just how much of an injury you sustained in a slip-and-fall, so it’s a good idea to be seen by your health care professional right away if you’ve had a fall. What seems like “soreness” today could be grounds for a lawsuit tomorrow.

More serious slip-and-fall injuries commonly involve:

  • Back and spinal cord damage
  • Brachial plexus shoulder injuries
  • Deep lacerations requiring stitches and likely to scar
  • Fractures of the hip, spine, arm, ankle, pelvis, and hand
  • Hip fracture or displacement
  • Sprains to the knee or ankle, and
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions.

If your injuries required casting, surgery, or more than three months of recovery, the likelihood of formulating a strong slip-and-fall claim is very good. It’s a good idea to keep all your medical documents in one folder, along with photographs and a diary of how you’re physically and mentally feeling each day.

What To Know About Premises Liability Claims in Virginia

The statute of limitations in Virginia is an important consideration when it comes to filing a slip and fall claim. Generally, you have two years from the date of the accident to file your claim for compensation. In some cases, you may be allowed more (like if you’re suing for property damage), or you may have less (notably when suing a government entity). If your case falls outside the filing deadline, the opposing party could file a motion to have the case summarily dismissed.

The Commonwealth of Virginia follows the rule of “pure contributory negligence.” This means a judge must determine the property owner is 100% to blame for your injuries. Otherwise, if you are deemed at least partially to blame, you are barred from recovering anything. That could be as simple as whether or not you were reasonably able to see the danger. For this reason, you need a strong, confident slip and fall attorney who can argue against an adversarial defense.

Choose a slip and fall attorney Virginia trusts. We are proud to serve the Hampton Roads region for over 60 years. As a successful, established law firm, we can afford to offer free case reviews, as well as legal representation at no upfront cost to our clients. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting a personal injury attorney from Rutter Mills to investigate your claim.

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Rutter Mills takes pride in our team of highly skilled and experienced slip and fall lawyers. They possess a wealth of knowledge in this area, keeping themselves updated with the latest legal developments and strategies to provide the best possible representation for their clients. At Rutter Mills, we understand the complexities involved in slip and fall cases, including the need to establish liability and prove negligence. Our expertise allows us to navigate the legal system with ease and develop strong arguments that maximize our clients’ chances of success.

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