Norfolk Daycare Injury Lawyers


Norfolk Daycare Injury Lawyers

Norfolk Daycare Injury Lawyers
For more than 65 years, the Norfolk daycare injury lawyers of Rutter Mills have been getting injury victims the justice they deserve and the money they need to put their lives back together following an injury. Call or text us at (757) 777-7777 for a free consultation at any time. We’re here for you.
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A Norfolk daycare facility may have as many as 18 school-age children for each caregiver. 

Daycare centers are increasingly becoming more short-staffed, and can leave children at risk. With inadequate supervision, the likelihood of accidents and injuries increases, as caregivers struggle to monitor all children effectively. This shortage can lead to delayed responses to emergencies, compromising children’s safety.


Child injury reports are growing at daycare centers

Child injuries in daycare centers have become a growing concern for parents and authorities alike. Despite stringent regulations and safety measures, incidents of serious injuries continue to surface, highlighting potential lapses in supervision and facility maintenance. There have been an average of 31.7 serious injury reports a month in 2024, as opposed to 22.3 per month in 2023, according to the Virginia Department of Education.


Insurance Companies May Claim You Are To Blame For Your Child’s Injury – Fight Back!

Norfolk Rutter Mills daycare injury lawyers understand the significance of having that trust broken. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping parents like you get compensation for their child’s injury. When your child’s daycare should should have prevented an accident, the daycare’s insurance company could be required to pay your medical bills. When your main priority is to focus on your family’s healing, you can let our team navigate the legal pathways for you.


How We Can Help

Many parents rely on daycare centers, and pay good money to ensure the well-being and protection of their children. You expect their safety, and it can be devastating to learn the place and people you entrusted your child’s care to, became the source of their injury.

Our Rutter Mills Norfolk daycare injury lawyers understand the significance of having that trust broken. We have decades of experience helping parents get compensation for their child’s injury. The daycare’s insurance company could be required to pay your medical bills, and while you focus on your family’s healing, our team will navigate the legal pathways for you.

What Does A Daycare Injury Lawyer Do For You?

Getting The Compensation You Deserve

Filing a claim might be the last thing on your mind while tending to your child’s recovery. However, Rutter Mills’ daycare injury lawyers have decades of experience and legal know-how to get you the fair compensation you and your child deserve.

We will:

  • Investigate your case and gather evidence.
  • Talk to insurance companies and will not back down until we see you are served a fair settlement to assist in your child’s recovery.
  • Fight in court to make sure you and your child get the compensation you deserve if the insurance company does not cooperate.

We also handle the difficult conversations with daycare employees, the insurance company, and any other interested party. If you have no experience, your words may be used against you in your case.

Nothing means more than your child’s well-being, so there is no upfront cost to you. Our lawyers work on contingency. Their fees come from a portion of your settlement, so until we see that your child is provided the cost of recovery they need, our driven lawyers will continue to serve your needs. Once your deserved settlement is reached, you can move forward with the assurance that you can cover all your legal and recovery fees.


What Crosses The Line?

In certain situations, you can sue childcare providers for your child’s injuries. However, not every injury is grounds for a lawsuit. The following must be true in order to have a valid daycare injury claim in Norfolk:

  • The caregiver owed your child a duty of care, meaning the standard of care someone can reasonably be expected to meet in their treatment of someone else.
  • The caregiver breached their duty of care, whether intentionally or through negligence.
  • That breach caused your child’s injury.
  • Your child’s injury caused specific finanial and non-financial losses.

Those points make the daycare liable for damages, and when you pursue compensation with a Norfolk daycare injury attorney at Rutter Mills, you might not even have to file a suit. A substantial settlement requires a skilled negotiator and many of our injury claims are settled outside of court by the insurance companies.

If you are not sure whether you have a claim or simply wish to explore your options, an attorney from our firm can give you a free consultation. Your lawyer will meet with you to assess your claim and tell you what can be done to get payment for your damages.

What to Do if Your Child Was Injured at Daycare

Take pictures of the injury and write down what your child said happened, and keep any reports of the incident the daycare gives you. Also make sure to get the daycare’s insurance information so your lawyer can contact them.

Even if their injuries do not seem too serious, leaving an injury untreated may worsen over time. Additionally, an official diagnosis is instrumental evidence while persuing compensation.

In the wake of your child’s injury, your lawyer can handle your case with care. Although you are going through a difficult time, you can rest assured that our attorneys can and will speak effectively on your behalf.

If the insurance company makes you a low-ball offer, don’t take it. Quick offers can signal the insurance company is afraid of a big payout. Once you accept their money, you can never go back for more, so talk to a Norfolk daycare injury lawyer for free and see if what they are offering is fair.


Common Causes Of Daycare Injuries

Scrapes and bruises are incredibly common due to a child’s curiosity and fearlessness, but sometimes an injury moves the realm of past harmless childhood accidents. If your child was injured at daycare, the caregivers may be responsible, even unintentionally.

An injury at daycare does not necessarily mean that someone purposely hurt your child, but there are common injures that may signal that your child was injured due to negligence, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Severe bruising
  • Burns
  • Serious cuts
  • Brain injury or concussion
  • Allergic reaction
  • Poisoning

We do the most we can to defend your child’s entitlement to recover with all the support they need. Our Norfolk daycare injury attorneys have also faced claims regarding assault, sexual assault, improperly maintained playground equipment, and inattention of a caregiver. If your child’s injury was due to in any way to someone else’s negligence or mistreatment, we can help you hold them and their insurance companies accountable. We will take the best course of action and go to battle for you, so you can be fully present for your child.

What To Look Out For After A Daycare Injury

Many parents are unaware of the civil power they have when it comes to their child’s injury. We want you to be aware of all the facts in your favor.

Your daycare will not wait for you to launch your case. As soon as you consider filing a claim, your child care center will immediately call a Licensing Inspector who will assess what can and cannot be used as proof for your child’s injury.

Daycares will claim they are taking legal measures about your child’s maltreatment, but those measures are not in your favor. We are here to assure you that you can take legal action as well. You can and should also call the same licensing agent, and it is within your rights to understand what they do or do not deem as evidence.

The Rutter Mills daycare injury lawyers in Norfolk carry out their work with compassion, and can walk you through the hidden details and legal processes to bring justice to the mistreatment of your child and family.


Who Pays In A Daycare Injury Claim?

If you are worried about your compensation putting your child’s daycare out of business or increasing the cost of care, Virginia’s insurance requirement is in place to protect both the children and daycare centers in the event of lawsuits.

According to Virginia Administrative Code 8VAC20-780-40, childcare providers are responsible for carrying insurance for bodily harm with a minimum of $500,000 of coverage per occurence. Therefore when you get compensation, most or all of it will be covered by the insurance.

Your Norfolk daycare injury lawyer will be going against the insurance company, not the people who care for your children. You should not refrain from getting compensation for your child’s medical bills because you do not want to harm your local daycare center.

Talk To A Daycare Injury Attorney in Norfolk Today

If an injury to your chils means you have substantial medical bills, you should not have to deal with them alone. Your daycare may have lost your trust, but our Rutter Mills attorneys will help your family regain protection.

The Norfolk daycare injury lawyers at Rutter Mills want to help your child recover from their injuries.

Call or contact us online today for a free consultation. Our team is avalible to answer your questions 24/7.

Over 65 Years Helping Norfolk Daycare Injury Victims 

Rutter Mills proudly calls Norfolk home, with an office in the heart of the Neon Arts District at 160 W Brambleton Ave. Ample parking is located behind our handsome brick building, allowing easy access. We provide legal assistance with personal injury matters at NO UPFRONT COST to plaintiffs. Attorney fees are taken out of final settlements or jury awards, so you never have to worry about affording the best legal care.

Trust the local injury lawyers at Rutter Mills.



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I generally don’t write reviews. But I wanted to thank all the staff at Rutter Mills for the great job they did on my case. Adam Lotkin, my attorney, was straight forward and solid. He did what he said he would do. He kept reassuring me that I was in good hands, and in the end, he proved, I was. Ruth Simmons, kept me up to date and promptly answered all my questions. Ruth was very thorough and knowledgeable. Selena Day provided backup support and rounded out the team, assisting in putting together my court presentation. The whole staff made me feel like my case was a team effort. When my case was finished, they treated me fairly and worked quickly to pay out my settlement. When going up against large insurance companies, Rutter Mills proved, your law firm does matter. They have experienced, professional people. Thank you all again, for taking a difficult time in my life and making it bearable.


I cannot say enough nice things about the folks at Rutter Mills. Will Nexsen is an outstanding attorney and his associate Julia is a joy to work with. Highly recommended!

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My experience is one that I would never forget I appreciate all the hard work that went into my case and a dedication and so grateful for the outcome. Thanks again, Ms.Montgomery. You and your staff are the best.

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My experience with Rutter Mills was outstanding from beginning to end. My case was handled in a timely manner and I was kept in the loop throughout the entire process. Outstanding job Rutter Mills!

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Being involved in my first motor vehicle incident was scary and confusing (as you could imagine); but the Rutter Mills team helped me navigate everything from start to finish. I worked with Will Nexsen and his colleagues Lindsey and Denise. They made it a point to keep me informed with constant updates to my case, explaining what to expect if/when we were to go to court and just making sure I was okay and If anything was needed from them to help make this as easy for me as possible. In the end, they worked to get an offer that satisfied me and helped to keep me out of court. That was a huge blessing as I am at the end of my 1st pregnancy and not sure how the back and forth would have taken a toll on me; so my family and I are very grateful for that.


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