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 Integrity, Reputation, Results – that is Rutter Mills.

Personal Injury Lawyers

We define our success by what we achieve for other people.


At Rutter Mills, we help ordinary people confront corporate power.

We do this by providing efficient service and outstanding results to each and every client.

For us, success is measured in client satisfaction.

At Rutter Mills, we understand that accidents and injuries can have a profound impact on the lives of individuals and their families. We strive to make a positive difference by offering personalized attention and support to each client, working tirelessly to protect their rights and interests.



We believe the best attorneys handle business with integrity, their clients with respect and compassion, and win cases through hard work and tenacious representation.

We follow a client-centric process that was more than six decades in the making because we know there’s only one case that matters – your case.



We empower our team to make decisions, communicate, and participate. With the right processes in place and armed with the latest technology, we can work smarter to get our clients results faster.

Our success is not measured in dollars, it’s measured in the results we get for our clients and the impact we make in our community.


Rutter Mills’ legacy began in 1959. Since then, we have helped thousands of people get the justice they deserve.

C. Arthur Rutter, Jr., father to Brother Rutter, was raised in humble beginnings here in Norfolk. First in the family to graduate college, Arthur goes on to get his law degree from the University of Virginia. When he begins practicing law, his focus turns to injury and maritime law.

Arthur went on to hold the same position his son would later hold as the President of the Maritime Law Association. During his time practicing law, he won precedent-setting verdicts and was considered an expert in both maritime and injury law.

In1994, Arthur’s son,  C. Arthur “Brother” Rutter III finished law school at the University of Richmond, graduating first in his class.

Brother joined Rutter Mills with a new vision for the firm and a passion for practicing law. He set out to develop new strategies for advertising and marketing, and develop new methods for elevating client experience.

It was this passion and energy that helped transform Rutter Mills into the efficient, client-centric, and award-winning firm that stands today.

Just 3 years out of law school, Brother earns the first $1M fee for Rutter Mills.

His skills as a litigator are honed early, and the young lawyer took on cases across the country against rail and maritime companies on behalf of victims of catastrophic injuries.

Brother Rutter’s career is skyrocketing. In 1998, he secures a $25M verdict for clients.

Brother’s first of many multi-million dollar cases came from a verdict handed down by a Federal Court in Charleston, SC. His success earns him national recognition as being one of the top personal injury lawyers in the country.

The former bank in downtown Norfolk became home to the Rutter Mills law firm in 2003. With the new location came a new name, and the launching of a new era for the company with Brother Rutter at the helm. 

The historic former bank building located on the corner of West Brambleton and Boush Street is complete with multiple meeting rooms, a gorgeous two-story lobby and most importantly, plenty of room to expand the team.

The iconic new home in the Neon district of Norfolk meant the firm could expand it’s practice areas, hire more attorneys and the necessary support teams. Brother’s vision included adding in-house investigators, litigators, and lien resolution experts.

The firm’s name is shortened from Rutter, Walsh, Mills, & Rutter to Rutter Mills.

The Rutter Family Art Foundation is established to help make the arts more attainable to everyone.

Brother and wife, Meredith are passionate supporters of the arts. As members of several art and museum boards, including the Chrysler Museum and the National Gallery in Washington D.C., and philanthropists at heart, Brother and Meredith help bring art and education into underserved communities and hospitals.

Rutter Mills moves to all virtual appointments and client services in response to COVID 19. Always ahead of the curve, Brother’s foresight enabled us to continue helping clients despite the pandemic. 

In preparation for remote work environments, Rutter Mills invested in the technology and software that empowered staff to continue to serve our community throughout the pandemic. We kept people working in Hampton Roads when other firms closed their doors.


Adam H. Lotkin is named as partner and litigation manager for Rutter Mills. 

Adam’s skills as a trial attorney and award-winning verdicts and settlements continue to put Rutter Mills among the top personal injury firms in Hamp[ton Roads. His passion for the law and for getting justice for his clients make him a natural leader for the firms attorneys.

In 2023, partners Brother Rutter and Adam H. Lotkin lead a team of powerhouse attorneys into the next generation of client service and success.

Under the expert leadership of the firm’s partners, Rutter Mills supports attorney teams in personal injury, maritime law, and workers compensation cases using the latest technology. With the installation of a new client software system, this investment helps keep cases progressing and makes communications easier. Together, we are helping injured people across Virginia and North Carolina get the money they need justice they deserve.

2024 is the year for growth at Rutter Mills with the “Backyard” addition to our Norfolk location, a new office in Virginia Beach and 4 experienced trial lawyers joining our team.

To better serve the Hampton Roads community, Rutter Mills will be opening a Virginia Beach office on Holland Road near Towne Center. We also opened a new workspace in the Norfolk location referred to as “the Backyard.” Brother Rutter gathered the area’s top architects and designers to create a comfortable place for employees to work that offers some of the creature comforts of home and encourages creativity and collaborative thinking. It is complete with outdoor furniture, firepits, a kitchen, and additional collaboration rooms.






Firm’s First $1M




Norfolk Office Exterior






Adam Lotkin





Years serving Hampton Roads


Convenient locations and online services


Team members ready to help

At Rutter Mills,
every case is a serious case-because it's your case.

Rutter Mills Law Firm

Personal Injury

We are here for you in your time of need, providing compassionate guidance and aggressive advocacy in a wide range of personal injury matters. Our top-rated attorneys will fight the insurance companies and get you back on your feet.

Personal Injury Lawyers
Personal Injury Lawyers

Car Accidents

We’re here to listen. A member of our team will meet with you, focusing on not only what happened, but also what you are going through and how it’s impacted your life. Then we’ll tell you what options are available to you to get on the road to recovery.

Car Accident Lawyers
Car Accident Lawyers

Maritime/Jones Act Law

Personal injuries that happen when you’re working – or playing – on the water aren’t governed by “the law of the land.” They are subject to maritime laws under the Jones Act– also known as admiralty law.

Maritime Lawyers

Motorcycle Accidents

We’re here to listen. A member of our team will meet with you, focusing on listening to not only what happened, but also what you are going through and how it’s impacted your life.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often serious. We are here to listen to your story so we can guide you to healing. Our team has represented some of the largest truck accident cases in Virginia. Call us and see how we can help you today.

Truck Accident Lawyers
Truck Accident Lawyers

Workers Compensation

If you’ve been injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance may entitle you to critical assistance like medical treatment, lost wages, and more. But insurance companies will put up an aggressive fight to resist paying you the compensation you need and deserve. Rutter Mills can help get you the money you deserve.

Workers Compensation Lawyers
Workers Comp Lawyer

You don’t have to worry about the bills, just get healthy.

Dave Put His Trust in Us

Don’t Fall For The Insurance Company’s Games

Dave suffered serious injuries in a car accident. The defendant’s insurance company tried to offer him a low amount so Dave called Rutter Mills. We took over dealing with the insurance and got Dave the money he needed to get back on his feet.

They enabled me to be happy in life again.

Get Back On Track

Protecting Your Future

Glenn’s car accident changed his life, but not permanently thanks to the help of his Rutter Mills attorney. When the insurance companies wouldn’t help him, our team fought back and won.

I knew I needed Rutter Mills.

Fighting For What's Right

Getting Justice

On his way home from work at the shipyard, Dan was involved in an accident. He tried to file a claim on his own, but the insurance company wouldn’t give him the money he needed to put his life back on track. Dan knew he needed to call Rutter Mills.

They actually won my case 3 times!

Larena's Win

After her car accident, Larena asked her father, a local stevedore, for his advice on who to call. He recommended Rutter Mills. Her team of car accident experts at Rutter Mills fought back when the insurance companies tried to deny her the money she needed to recuperate from her injuries. We took her case to trial – and won. When the insurance company filed their appeals, we beat them again – two more times! Larena got the money she needed and the justice she deserved.

We’re going to immediately call Rutter Mills. That’s the people I trust with my baby girl.

Who Do You Trust With Your Family?

After a car accident, Jamaree’s first call was to her mom. She was shaken up and scared. Mom told her “We’re calling Rutter Mills. Her next was to Rutter Mills. Her Rutter Mills car accident team helped her get compensation “above & beyond” what she was expecting.

They lifted allot of stress off my shoulders. I recommend them to anybody because they WILL fight for you.

Who Can You Turn To?

Referrals From Friends and Family

After John was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, he turned to the person he trusts most for a recommendation. His wife, a paralegal of 30 years, told him to call Rutter Mills on the advice of the lawyer she worked for.

They really care for you as a person. Words cannot describe what Rutter Mills did for me and for my case.

When You Need Someone In Your Corner

Don’t Go It Alone

When the insurance company tried to get Carol to sign paperwork after her car accident, she knew she needed a lawyer. Carol knew she needed Rutter Mills.

When I called Rutter Mills, I knew it was the right fit. They’re so interested in helping you get justice.

Getting The Justice You Deserve

When Mom Needs Strength

Taryn was in a car accident while she was pregnant. She knew she needed someone in her corner to protect her rights and her family’s future.

There’s attorneys, then there’s Rutter Mills.

We're Here When The Unexpected Happens


A devasting accident changed Levon’s life forever. The physical and emotional toll left him scared and in pain. When the insurance company for the defendant contacted the family, they made an offer that did not even cover the cost of the medication, much less doctors’ bills, and physical therapy. They knew they needed to talk to a serious lawyer. Rutter Mills took care of the negotiation so Levon could focus on healing.

When you’ve got a serious injury, you need a serious lawyer. That’s why we chose Rutter Mills.

Motorcycle Accidents Change Everything

When Ed was injured in a motorcycle crash, he knew he needed a serious lawyer to protect his rights. The insurance companies were fighting him every step of the way. Rutter Mills helped prove Ed’s case and get him the money he needed to get on the road to recovery.

With the seriousness of the accident, I knew that we needed a serious lawyer. I needed Rutter Mills.

Carol & Levon's Story

They knew they needed a serious lawyer when Carol and her son were seriously injured. After the other party’s insurance company tried to get her to settle for less than she needed, Carol called Rutter Mills for help. We took on the insurance company so she could focus on healing.

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