Gloucester County Workers Compensation Lawyers


Gloucester County Workers Compensation Lawyers

The workers’ compensation system is complex; navigating it while you are recovering from an injury can be very frustrating and confusing. The process can run more smoothly when you know your rights under the law. The team at Rutter Mills can help.


Longshore Workers Comp

At Rutter Mills, our workers’ compensation lawyers use their wealth of experience to help workers maximize their workers’ comp claims. Employers and insurance companies may be working against you when you need help the most, but our team is here to help you get back on your feet.

It is not uncommon for an employer to dispute an employee’s claim because the rates they pay into the system will be affected by the number of Workers’ Compensation claims paid on their behalf.


What should I do if I am injured on the job?

If you suffer a work accident or personal injury on the job, get first aid or medical attention right away. The treating healthcare provider must be authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board (except in an emergency situation).

Notify your supervisor as soon as possible, detailing the injury and the way it occurred. You must inform your employer in writing within 30 days following the accident (or within two years of your awareness of an occupational illness) or you may lose the right to benefits. And contact an attorney.

Your employer’s insurance company is skilled at denying your benefits. Rutter Mills is skilled at making sure that doesn’t happen. We have successfully handled workers’ compensation cases for more than 60 years and helped thousands of clients get back on their feet.

At Rutter Mills, we’re here when you need us.

Longshore Workers Compensation Lawyers

Ports and shipyards can be dangerous places. If you were hurt while working to load or off-load cargo, building or repairing ships, doing construction at a port, or as a contract employee working at one of the many US bases overseas, you may be entitled to file a claim under the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Claim Act or the Defense Base Act. These benefits can provide critical assistance for medical care, lost wages, and more. Knowing which laws will govern your situation requires a lawyer with specialized experience.


Total Disability

Virginia law allows injured workers to obtain workers comp for total disability, whether it is temporary or permanent. The disability can be caused by an accident or an occupational disease. Temporary total disability is referred to as TTD, and it provides lost wages for the time that a worker is unable to work due to an injury.


Partial Disability

An injury on the job can be life-altering. Partial Disability Compensation is payable for the permanent loss or loss of use of certain parts or functions of the body and is key for workers to heal and recover. Insurance companies will fight the opinion of medical professionals over the extent of your injury. At Rutter Mills, we can level the playing field to obtain your full compensation.



After a work related injury, rehabilitation may be necessary. There are many options to aid impaired workers to ensure their return to the same or new position. Settling with the insurance company may not grant you the full funds needed to cover the costs of vocational rehabilitation.


Workers’ Wrongful Death

If someone close to you has passed away due to the careless actions of another, a wrongful death attorney a Gloucester County attorney can pursue a claim for you to avenge your loved one and protect your financial future.

Thorough investigation and an unwavering pursuit of justice are our means to uncover truths as we hold negligent and reckless wrongdoers accountable.


60+ Years of Experience

Luckily, for more than 60 years, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Rutter Mills have been focused on helping clients get the money they need after a life-changing injury. Not only does Rutter Mills have the experience and resources necessary to win your case – we have a team of compassionate, justice-driven attorneys ready to defend those who’ve been unfairly affected by harm.


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When you’ve got a serious injury, you need a serious lawyer. That’s why we chose Rutter Mills.

Motorcycle Accidents Change Everything

When Ed was injured in a motorcycle crash, he knew he needed a serious lawyer to protect his rights. The insurance companies were fighting him every step of the way. Rutter Mills helped prove Ed’s case and get him the money he needed to get on the road to recovery.

When I called Rutter Mills, I knew it was the right fit. They’re so interested in helping you get justice.

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When Mom Needs Strength

Taryn was in a car accident while she was pregnant. She knew she needed someone in her corner to protect her rights and her family’s future.

There’s attorneys, then there’s Rutter Mills.

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A devasting accident changed Levon’s life forever. The physical and emotional toll left him scared and in pain. When the insurance company for the defendant contacted the family, they made an offer that did not even cover the cost of the medication, much less doctors’ bills, and physical therapy. They knew they needed to talk to a serious lawyer. Rutter Mills took care of the negotiation so Levon could focus on healing.

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