Car Insurance Coverage Explained

Car Insurance Coverage Explained

Car Accident Info
Watch this important 8 minute video.

Unlocking Valuable Car Insurance Benefits: Post-Accident Advantages Explained

Virginia law requires drivers to have minimum car insurance coverage, but most people don’t know exactly what they are paying for or when that protection comes into play. The insurance companies are counting on you not reading the fine print. In this video, Brother Rutter, Managing Partner at Rutter Mills explains the hidden coverage you may not know you have and how it can turn your policy limit into a six-figure payout for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering after an accident.

Watch this important 8-minute video on Vimeo. 

Follow the Car to Find the Money

The car accident attorneys at Rutter Mills know how to maximize your claim because they have been studying insurance policies for decades. After an accident, the first place we look for coverage to get you money for expenses incurred from someone else’s negligence is the insurance policy written for the defendant’s vehicle. Even if the other driver borrowed someone’s car, is an uninsured driver with no insurance of their own, we “follow the car.”



Been in an accident with an uninsured driver?

Insurance Companies Are Not “On Your Side”

Offers for Policy Limits

After a serious car accident, insurance companies are often quick to make injured drivers an offer to settle their claim. They may even say it’s the maximum amount of the policy. Sounds great right? Wrong. It turns out, you’re not always in “good hands” with the insurance company.

They’re hoping you won’t understand just how much compensation you may be entitled to. Before you accept an offer, make sure you speak with an experienced car accident attorney. For over 60 years, Rutter Mills has been fighting to get injury victims the money they need and deserve after a serious accident. If you have been injured, our team is available day or night to answer your questions about where to find insurance coverage to get you the benefits to help you recover.


Know Your Limits

Car insurance policies may sound like a dry topic, but at Rutter Mills – we love digging into them. We have been combing the fine print of policies for decades. In this video, Brother breaks down the coverage your car insurance provides you.
Let’s say you have a $50,000 car insurance policy. When you look at your policy’s declaration page, you’ll see three numbers, 50/100/25. The $50,000 is your liability coverage. This is to protect you if you are at-fault for a car accident. The 100 is short for $100,000. This is the maximum amount the insurance company will payout for any single wreck, in cases where multiple people were hurt in an accident you caused. The last number, in this example 25, is the amount of property damage insurance will cover – $25,000.

UIM Coverage

In Virginia, your car insurance coverage for uninsured or underinsured drivers is equal to the limits of your liability coverage. It’s a requirement meant to protect you if a driver injures you and/or damages your vehicle but does not have enough insurance to cover your expenses. It’s also there to protect your family members in the same situation. If you are seriously injured and have medical bills in excess of the policy limits, you may be able to use not only your own insurance but also the policies held by any family members living with you.

Resident Relative Coverage

There’s another place where you might be able to get additional coverage for your injuries if the defendant’s insurance policy and your own policy are not enough. It’s called resident relative insurance. Resident relative is a legal term, referring to people you are related to who reside with you. They also have auto insurance with uninsured and uninsured motorist coverage equal to their liability.
If you were seriously injured and the defendant’s and your own policies do not cover the total damages, your resident relatives’ policies can be added on top of yours, or “stacked.” All of this coverage can help with your outstanding car accident expenses.

“I spend a lot of my days looking through policies, reading the fine print trying to find additional policy coverage to get my clients more money.”

Looking for Help After a Serious Car Accident?

Speaking with someone who understands how to make your insurance work for you after an accident can mean the difference between getting on the road to recovery or getting stuck with a mountain of debt. So contact the car accident teams at Rutter Mills today and make sure you get the protection you have been paying for. Don’t let the insurance companies deny you the benefits you deserve. Show them you mean business. Call or text us any time at (757) 777-7777.

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