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imagesIn 2010 Congress declared April National Distracted Driving Awareness month.  Distracted driving has been a growing problem in our country, and Congress made this designation to show that they are serious about making a change on our roadways.

The National Safety Council estimates that more than 25% of all automobile accidents involve cell phone use.  In 2010, approximately 33,000 people were killed in automobile accidents.  If the statistics hold, that means that cell phone use was involved in over 8,000 deaths!  No call or text is worth a life, and if any of these 8,000+ lives could have been saved, putting down the cell phone is a small price to pay.

Everyone knows that cell phone use and driving is dangerous, they just choose to ignore the risks, or think that for some reason the risks don’t apply to them.  The idea behind Distracted Driving Awareness month is to bring these statistics to the forefront and show drivers how real the risks are and how senseless these actions that cause distracted driving accidents really are.

As auto accident attorneys at Rutter Mills, we see the devastating effects of distracted driving far too often.  We applaud and support any actions to bring awareness to this growing problem on our roadways.

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