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In 2008, the State of California became one of the first to issue a ban on hand held cell phones in automobiles with hopes of reducing auto accidents that come as a result of distracted driving.  Now, four years later, the California State Office of Traffic Safety announced that the total number of traffic deaths in California has declined by 22%, and the death-by-cellphone-related-accident number dropped a whopping 47%.

These extremely impressive numbers have caused the rest of the nation to take notice.  “California is one of the few states that has been very aggressively enforcing its cellphone law,” said Barbara Harsha, executive director of the Governers Highway Safety Association in Washington, D.C.  “That’s a big drop.  It shows that enforcement works, that other states should look at what California has done and follow its lead.”

This is yet another example of the dangers of distracted driving, and in this case an example of the positive impact of NOT using a cellphone while driving.  Distracted driving is an extremely dangerous act that causes thousands of unnecessary deaths every year.  If you are the victim of an accident caused by the negligence of a distracted driver, contact the Car Accident Lawyers of Rutter Mills today for a free, no obligation consultation of your legal rights.