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This April marked the first official Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a new awareness program rolled out nationally with the full support of safety advocates, law enforcement agencies and the United States Department of Transportation.  Over the course of the month, state, local, and national government agencies joined to deliver the message “One Text or Call could wreck it all” with the intention of spreading awarenss of a growing problem in our country.  A recent study conducted by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration stated that distracted driving claims nearly 6,000 lives anually.

While we fully support the efforts of our government to raise the profile of a growing problem, we want to do our best to make sure that the issue remains in the forefront.  As personal injury lawyers dealing with auto accident claims every day, we are seeing more and more serious, and even fatal accidents coming as a result of texting and driving.  With summer, a traditionally dangerous time for teen drivers right around the corner it is important for parents to talk with their teens about the very real dangers of distracted driving.

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