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Why texting drivers can’t be stopped: wavy.com

Last week, Norfolk VA news station Wavy TV 10 rode along with State Troopers to observe the effects of distracted driving in action. The results are quite frightening, as just about everywhere the cameras looked they the prevalence of distracted driving.

This is just one example of the effects of distracted driving in action.  Distracted driving is said to account for more than half of the accidents on our roadways.  As this story points out, texting and driving is a secondary offense in Virginia, and not a ticketable offense on it’s own.  Because of this, most drivers in the 757 aren’t taking it very seriously, and texting while driving is rampant on our roadways.  As safe drivers, we need to understand that we are sharing the road with others that are not so safe – and become aware of our surroundings at all times.

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