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As the saying goes; April showers bring May flowers! Please be careful and alert when driving in the springtime. Here are a few tips to help you travel safely to summer.


Inclement Weather 

As you may know, the springtime can bring occasional showers. If it begins to mist or rain, make sure to slow down, increase your distance, and drive carefully. To keep the inside of your windshield clear of condensation, turn on your fan and defroster. Be alert for pedestrians while driving in inclement weather – visibility may be hindered in the rain and fog. According to the Federal Highway Administration, rain was a culprit of forty-seven percent of all weather-related crashes from 1995 to 2008, and wet pavement in general accounted for seventy-five percent. Perform safety checks frequently: car lights are in working order, old and worn wiper blades are replaced, and tire pressure is adjusted when necessary.



Many of us take advantage of the warming weather to enjoy the open road. Be sure to share the road. Keep an eye out for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The NHTSA reports that about 51,000 cyclists were injured due to motor vehicle crashes in 2009 alone. Maintain a safe distance when following behind cyclists and bikers, and be especially careful around intersections and residential areas.



For many of us, spring blooms our allergies. Be aware of allergy and decongestant medication side effects. These over-the-counter products can create drowsiness, cognitive impairment, lightheadedness, and impaired driving.


Road Conditions 

Winter conditions can create potholes in the roads. Be careful and observant when driving, and make sure to drive around potholes if possible. Potholes can throw off your car’s alignment.

These are just a few tips to help keep you safe on the roadways this spring, please follow them and stay aware of your surroundings on the road as other drivers may not be operating under the same safety procedures that you are.  Remember, if you or a loved one are hurt in an Auto Accident, call the Car Accident Lawyers of Rutter Mills for a free no obligation consultation of your legal rights.