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You may think of your morning commute as a lot of things; tedious, stressful, annoying amongst other words that I won’t say – but you probably don’t consider that it is most likely the most dangerous time of your day.  Every morning in Hampton Roads, the highways are jammed with thousands of drivers of which many are drowsy, distracted, aggressive and in a rush. This often leads to calls to a Car Accident Attorney of Rutter Mills.  If you as a driver are aware of these dangers, and try your best to be alert and focused you can drastically decrease your odds of being involved in a serious accident – making the roadways a safer place for you and your fellow drivers.

As Car Accident Lawyers in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News and all of Hampton Roads we see the devastating effects auto accidents can have on our clients on an almost daily basis.  Before you get on the road for your next commute, take a second to recognize the dangers and pitfalls that lie in front of you and do your part to make the roadways a safer place.