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Minor Car Accident

As we all know, cell phone use while driving is hazardous – even illegal in most states. However, are you aware that your mobile phone can help you document important evidence at the scene of an accident? Most mobile devices are equipped with built-in cameras, video features, and writing applications. There are many ways your phone can assist you immediately following an auto accident.

If you are not seriously injured in the accident, you can use your cell phone to:

– Call 911 for help. Even if injuries seem minor, you should alert police and an ambulance about the accident. Injuries can surface hours after a crash, and police can document necessary information to help substantiate your case.

– Take photographs and videos. Take photos of the damage of your vehicle, of other vehicles involved, and of the accident scene itself. Play the role of investigator. Take photos of the license plates, obstacles in the road, weather and traffic conditions, and possible improper signage. Take photos of any visible injuries.

– Take video or audio recording of witness statements. Have them describe the accident in real time.

– Use your Note app. Type everything you can remember about the car accident. Write down the make, model, and color of the other vehicles involved.

– Contact your Insurance Company. Briefly notify them that you were involved in an accident. Let them know you will be contacting them shortly with more information.

– Call a trusted personal injury and auto accident attorney. Make an appointment for a consultation, and contact Rutter Mills Law Firm today. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and lost wage.

Auto accidents can be extremely traumatic to all parties involved. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another driver, please contact a Rutter Mills Car Injury Attorney today at 757-622-5000.