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How Should I Prepare for My Consultation With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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    The personal injury lawyer you choose may be serving you for a few months or even a couple of years. Prepare for your consultation so you can make an informed decision by gathering all relevant information, bringing a list of questions, while understanding that you should be open and honest.

    Personal injury lawyers are professionals you hire for their expertise and judgment, but they work for you. Ideally, a consultation will help you determine whether a lawyer has the skills your case needs while giving the lawyer enough information to offer an informed analysis of your case.

    Gather Documents

    As noted above, make the best use of your consultation time by bringing all relevant documents– it will help in the long run because you will need these later to build your case.

    Some valuable documents include:

    • Accident report
    • Police report
    • Medical records and bills
    • Wage records
    • Written statements
    • Potentially applicable insurance policies
    • Contact information for witnesses
    • Photos of the injury and the scene
    • Calendars, journals, and other writings giving context to your injury

    The personal injury attorney you retain will take the lead in securing harder-to-obtain documents. Specific evidence may require discovery requests or subpoenas, but your lawyer will handle these for you.

    Prepare a list of questions

    Not all lawyers are the same. Ask questions to find out whether this lawyer is right for you, including:

    • What types of cases do you typically handle?
    • What is your track record with cases like mine?
    • What are the merits of my case?
    • How long should a resolution take?
    • Who will do the legwork, and who should I contact with questions?
    • How quickly do you return phone calls?
    • What is your fee structure?

    A consultation is your opportunity to interview a lawyer, so do not be shy about addressing any questions you may have.

    Be Open and Honest

    Law is complicated because seemingly unrelated issues can overlap. It is critically important to share full details of your situation with a potential lawyer and do your best to answer follow-up questions.

    Questions about your cell phone use at the time of the accident, your social media posts, any past personal injury cases, available insurance coverage, whether you receive Medicare benefits, or even how likable the potential parties and witnesses are– may seem unrelated, but they can make a difference to your case. Personal injury lawyers keep information learned in consultations confidential. You do not need to worry about sharing this information with a potential lawyer.

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