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Can Dash Cam Video be Used as Evidence in Virginia?

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    Dash cam footage can be used by insurance companies to investigate claims when a policyholder is involved in a car accident.  If your claim for car accident damages is not resolved through settlement negotiations, dash cam video can be used as evidence in a civil lawsuit trial. Strong evidence of the other driver’s fault, however, means such cases rarely end up in the courtroom.

    Mounted on the windshield, a dash cam records everything going on in front of the vehicle as you drive. Lawyers representing car accident victims are finding more clients have this type of technology in their vehicles for their protection.

    A car accident attorney at Rutter Mills can hold those responsible for your injuries liable, and evidence from a dash cam can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

    Dash Cams in Virginia

    Federal laws do not prohibit dash cams, but certain states may not permit them. That is not the case in Virginia, where the devices are legal as long as they are mounted correctly and do not impede the driver’s vision.  

    Most dash cams record only when the vehicle is moving.  Some drivers may want to purchase a higher-end dash cam that continues recording even when the car is parked, and the engine is off.  If another driver hits the vehicle while it is parked, the dash cam records the culprit.

    Why You Should Get a Dash Cam

    When accidents occur, all parties involved might claim they had the right of way or the traffic light was green when they entered the intersection. A dash cam acts as a witness, so installing one on your dashboard can corroborate your claim.

    Basic devices are not that expensive, although consumers can purchase more expensive dash cams with additional features. The latter may include interior and rear-of-vehicle recording. Higher-end dash cams may record GPS coordinates. This allows you to prove exactly when and where the collision occurred.

    Car accident lawyers know that documentation is key to a successful personal injury case. If the accident is a hit-and-run, which is also a criminal offense, dash cams can reveal the identity of the car and driver.

    Dash cams are also valuable if a driver is stopped by law enforcement for a traffic violation. They can demonstrate whether or not there was a legitimate reason for the driver to be pulled over, as well as recording any police misconduct.

    Dash Cam Considerations

    If you are in the market for a dash cam, look for a product with the following features:

    • Minimum 32 gigabytes storage for footage preservation
    • Minimum 1080p resolution for higher detail
    • Five-minute files to avoid recording over footage
    • Low light capability

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