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Can My Insurer Put Me Under Surveillance After a Car Accident?

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    If you were injured in a car accident, expect your insurer to conduct some surveillance to ensure your injuries are as debilitating as you claim. They want to pay out as little as possible in settlements, so it is in their best interests to minimize or even deny your injuries.

    This surveillance is legal, although investigators must follow regulations. Keep in mind that this aims to catch the individual engaging in an activity that their injury supposedly precludes. Insurers will try to twist any situation to their advantage, so remain vigilant until your claim is settled.

    While protecting your rights, the car accident lawyers at Rutter Mills will also help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

    Common Surveillance Techniques

    Virtually every insurance company will search your social media. Change your settings so only your friends can see your posts, and do not post anything about your accident. For best results, stay away from social media entirely during this period. Ask your relatives and friends not to post anything about the crash or your condition.

    The insurance company may hire a private investigator to obtain compromising footage. Some investigators employ GPS trackers to find out where you are going. You might notice unknown vehicles parked near your home or sense that you are being followed.

    The investigator may perform a stakeout, monitoring your activity from the street outside your home or your job. They can track you anywhere in public, including restaurants, parks, and houses of worship. However, the investigator cannot come onto your property unless you consent– which you should never do. Otherwise, they are trespassing.

    If an investigator refuses to leave your property or you feel harassed, contact the police and your car accident lawyer.

    High-Value Cases

    Expect additional surveillance if your injuries are so severe that the potential settlement is high value. In cases like this, the investigator may contact neighbors and associates, inquiring whether they have witnessed you engaging in behavior you allegedly cannot do.

    Protecting Yourself

    Besides avoiding social media, protect yourself by following your doctor’s orders. Do not do them if they tell you not to engage in certain activities. For example, if you are not allowed to lift anything heavy, including groceries and your child.

    You can also protect yourself by surveilling the investigators. Please take photos or videos of the investigator and their vehicle. Often, once the investigator realizes you know that you are under surveillance, the assignment is canceled.

    Your relatives certainly want to know how you are doing, but limit communication to the phone. Even texting can prove harmful. A simple text such as, “I’m fine,” after an accident may be used against you by the insurer or a defense attorney.

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