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Should I Accept Compensation from an at Fault Driver or Their Insurance?

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    At-fault drivers and their insurance companies like to resolve accident claims quickly. Early settlement offers usually do not include the compensation owed to an injured party. Because of this, the car accident lawyers at Rutter Mills caution their clients not to accept quick or early payments from at-fault drivers of their insurers. They should consult with an experienced attorney from our firm. We can assess the total amount of damages that could be recoverable.

    How Are You Forfeiting Damages When You Accept Early Compensation?

    Insurance companies will generally not pay anything to an injured party unless they sign a release form. In signing, they agree that the proffered payment is the final settlement of all of the claims they might discover later.

    An accident victim will likely know how much it will cost to repair a damaged vehicle and their medical costs and expenses in the immediate aftermath of an accident. However, if their injuries are extensive, they might need further medical treatments and therapy. So, an early offer to pay compensation generally will not include reimbursement for those expenses.

    What Additional Compensation Can an Accident Victim Recover?

    The specific facts of each car accident will determine the number of damages an individual may recover from an at-fault driver. In addition to property losses and immediate medical expenses, an accident victim may be entitled to compensation for the following:

    • anticipated future medical treatments and consultations with doctors
    • costs of physical and occupational therapy
    • expenses for travel to and from medical appointments
    • lost wages and reduced employment opportunities
    • pain and suffering
    • loss of consortium, and reduced enjoyment of time with the victim’s family.

    Insurance companies often apply generic formulas to establish the settlements they are willing to offer. However, a skillful lawyer will counter those settlements with facts and evidence of the full range of the individual’s losses– that is, the direct result of the at-fault driver’s negligence. 

    Should You Accept Partial Payments in Anticipation of a Final Insurance Settlement?

    An injured party who accepts any payments from an at-fault driver or their insurance risks losing the opportunity to recover a more significant settlement offer. The better strategy is to resolve all compensation claims before the insurer accepts any payments.  

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