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Should I Call my Insurance if it Wasn’t my Fault?

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    It is a commonly held misconception that you only have to notify your insurance company of an accident if you are at fault. This is not the case for the vast majority of drivers. Your insurance policy likely requires you to inform them of a collision even if you ultimately never file a claim.

    The consequences of failing to notify your insurance company can be steep. Even if you are not at fault, you may ultimately need to pursue a claim through your own policy. If you delay notifying your insurance company, they could deny your claim. In extreme cases, they could cancel your policy entirely.

    Notifying your insurance company never guarantees a successful claim, however. They could assert you failed to hold up your end of the bargain even if you informed them promptly. Contacting skilled and compassionate  Norfolk car accident attorneys right after the accident can assure you that your rights are protected.

    Types of Coverage You Might Need Even When You are Not at Fault

    Insurance companies have begun to take a more hands-on role in accident claims compared to the past. Often, they will assist you even when you are pursuing a claim through the other driver’s liability policy. Their assistance can be helpful and result in quickly receiving compensation–in some cases. However, this will not happen if you fail to notify your insurance company.

    If the other driver is slow to pay or their carrier is dragging its feet, you could have your vehicle repaired through your insurance. If need be, your carrier could later go back to recoup these costs from the other driver. However, your insurance company may want to investigate and might ask for the opportunity to assess the damage themselves. A delay in contacting them could cost them the chance to complete that investigation. That alone could be grounds for a denied claim. The same is true for uninsured motorist claims. Your carrier will work to ensure there are no liability policies in effect before paying out on your claim.

    Consequences of Not Calling Your Carrier

    As noted above, most insurance policies require you to immediately notify them of an accident– regardless of fault. If you fail to do so, you could miss out on your chance to recover benefits. Most policies also consider this failure a breach of the contract. Given what is at stake, it is crucial that you notify your insurance company right away.

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    While you are required to notify your insurance carrier of every accident– that does not mean you are required to contact them directly. In fact, the more you say to your insurance company, the more likely they are to find an excuse to deny your claim.

    That’s where Rutter Mills can come in. We are a group of experienced car accident lawyers that is proud to serve as your advocate. We can work directly with your insurance company so that you do not have to. With our involvement, you could obtain the benefits you are entitled to and avoid any legal pitfalls. To discuss how we can help, schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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