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Should I Take Photos of the Scene of an Accident?

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    Yes, if possible, you should take photos of a scene of an accident. Besides the vehicles themselves, you should also take pictures of the road conditions and the surrounding area. Taking pictures will help your car accident lawyer build the most robust possible case on your behalf.

    Essential tips for taking photos of your accident

    The quality of your photographs is just as important as the quantity. Here are essential tips with that in mind:

    • Use a digital device instead of a film camera: A smartphone or digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera is ideal.
    • Use the time and date stamp whenever possible: Documenting the date and time of the photos will safeguard you from a potential challenge by the opposing side.
    • Use the geographical locator in your device as well: Some smartphone users disable this feature usually. That’s fine, but you should also know how to activate it in the event of an accident. This adds one more layer of credibility to your case.
    • Take pictures from multiple angles: It’s incredible how a simple change in perspective can reveal details of an accident that would otherwise go undocumented.
    • Photograph all the vehicles involved in the accident: Including any damage they sustained.
    • Take pictures of skid marks (if they exist): You should do so no matter which vehicle created the skids. Tire marks play a crucial role in deciding many auto accident cases.
    • Photograph any debris related to the accident: Such as broken glass, damaged street signs, vehicle components, etc.
    • Please take pictures of the physical injuries suffered by those in the wreck (with their permission and while following common-sense safety precautions): Showing a judge or jury the human toll inflicted by accident can provide the additional evidence needed to help your case prevail.
    • Take both close-up and panoramic shots: This is important for painting as complete a picture of the incident as possible.
    • Ask the other person in your vehicle to take pictures as well (if applicable): Having images from multiple party members is another way of strengthening your case.
    • Use a flash during nighttime or periods of inclement weather: The same applies to accidents that take place at dawn or during dusk.
    • Back your pictures up to the cloud or another digital device: Otherwise, you risk losing your photographic evidence due to a lost or damaged phone. Even accidentally hitting the “delete” button can have severe consequences for your case.

    All types of evidence play a crucial role in personal injury cases

    Building a winning case for your side is the job of your car accident attorney. But, to do this, they need your help. For this reason, you should supplement your photographs with as much written testimony as you can provide, including notes taken at the time of the accident.

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