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A new report by the Virginia State police finds the first month of 2012 to be off to a very bad start in terms of teen driver safety.  In the first 3 weeks of the new year alone, our state has lost 11 teen drivers in traffic accidents.  To put this in perspective, only 3 teens died in auto accidents in the entire month of January 2011.

These fatal auto accidents were said to be caused by the usual suspects; speeding, distracted driving, and not wearing a seatbelt.   Teen driver safety is something that we are very passionate about at Rutter Mills.  As auto accident attorneys in Hampton Roads, we see these sad cases on a regular basis.  One of the saddest parts about these tragedies is that they can often times be prevented.

If you are the parent of a teen driver, talk to your child about the importance of safe driving and the gravity of the situation.  Most teens don’t consider the situation at large, and never think that it could be them affected by a tragic accident.  A few simple things can make a world of difference:  Always buckle up, don’t speed, and never let things like texting and cell phone use distract you from focusing on the road.

Unfortunately, you can’t always control the situation around you and we are forced to share the road with other irresponsible drivers.  If you or someone that you know is a victim of someone else’s negligence call the personal injury lawyers of Rutter Mills today.  Our personal injury attorneys will stop at nothing to see that you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.