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A cheese company has agreed to pay a $26.1 Million settlement in a car accident case involving one of their drivers resulting in a death of one person and life changing injuries to another passenger.  The driver of the corporate vehicle has admitted liability in this serious tractor-trailer accident case.

Tractor-trailer accidents often result in extremely serious injuries, and unfortunately often death.  While drivers of these large corporate vehicles are often given significant safety training, there is nothing that can prevent operator error on the roadways.  Drowsiness, distracted driving, fatigue, and poor visibility often contribute to the negligent driving on the truck driver’s behalf.   Despite attaining a huge verdict for the victims and their family, no amount of money can bring back a loved one.  This case, like so many other tragic instances is a great example that drivers need to be extremely careful when sharing the road with tractor trailers.

Please be safe and aware on the roadways at all times, especially when you are sharing the road with large tractor-trailer vehicles.  If you or someone you know suffer an accident at the hands of a negligent tractor-trailer driver, contact the personal injury lawyers at Rutter Mills.  It takes a large law firm with a long track record of success to take on the well funded insurance companies of the trucking companies, which is something that we take great pride in. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation of your legal rights.