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Every year, the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety program embarks on it’s “Booze It and Lose It” campaign, aimed at raising the awareness of the serious consequences of driving while intoxicated.  During this campaign the state police also step up law enforcement targeting impaired drivers in an effort to reduce accidents over the holiday season.  Last year, the campaign resulted in 3,800 DWI citations.
One such awareness/enforcement measure comes in the form of what law enforcement calls the BAT mobile – a mobile blood alcohol testing field laboratory branded with the campaign’s “Booze It and Lose It” slogan printed prominently on the side of the vehicle.   Last week, eight people including several officers and two suspects were inside of the BAT mobile when an NC resident hit the bus at 35-40 MPH.  It comes as no surprise that the at fault driver had been drinking and was charged with DWI.

This is just a dramatic example of the “Booze It and Lose It”  slogan in action.  As Virginia auto accident attorneys, we see the devastating effects of drunk driving almost every day.  As we represent the rights of the injured victims, we can’t help but think about the avoidable nature of these senseless tragedies.  If you are drinking do not drive, it is that simple.  Make the decision before you start drinking, and don’t leave it to chance.

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