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As I sat in Virginia Beach Circuit Court today, assisting one of our attorneys with an in-court presentation the gravity of the situation began to sit in.  Working for a law firm in an administrative capacity, I have the tendency to think of a law suit in more general terms, and not think about the actual courtroom.  When I was sitting in the courtroom, looking at the judge and the jury and taking in the whole situation one thing became very clear.  If I was involved in a lawsuit, I would want the lawyer sitting next to me to be someone that gave off a good impression to the judge, the jury, and everyone else in the courtroom.

As I watched one of our attorneys handle his clients case, I saw a passionate, knowledgable attorney standing up for a client who he truly believed was being wronged by the insurance company.  This positive impression affected me, and I truly believe it affected the jury members as well.

At Rutter Mills, I see each of our attorneys working hard every day, fighting for the rights of our clients.  If push came to shove, and I was the victim of a serious accident, I know who I would want sitting next to me in the courtroom.  If you or someone you know is the victim of a serious injury, call the personal injury attorneys of Rutter Mills today for a free consultation of your legal rights.