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Family is extremely important to us here at Rutter Mills. To celebrate Father’s Day 2015, we asked our staff to share “dadisms” from the father figures in their lives. “Dadisms” are those unique little nuggets of wisdom or humor that our dads are famous for imparting upon us! Check out some of our staff’s “dadisms” listed below.


Amber130 My dad would always say, “I can’t wait until tomorrow!” Then he would wait for us to ask, “Why?” so he could reply: “Because I get better looking every day!” It got us every time!
Amber Norwood, Paralegal Assistant
Pam Bulter130x130 When I do something that makes him feel proud, he says, “I’m so proud of you, Pam. It’s those good genes!”
– Pam Butler, Administrator
Kathy130 Right before I graduated from high school, I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go as far as my career. My father suggested that I go into the legal field.  Well, that was over 40 years ago and I’m still going strong.  My career has been extremely rewarding and I really enjoy helping my clients!
– Kathy Saunders, Litigation Paralegal
everett130x130 My dad says, “Always remember:  While you are climbing the corporate ladder, you may realize that your employer is using a bucket truck.”
– W. Everett Lupton, Personal Injury Attorney
Ashley130x130 My dad always says, “You slept until 10:00? You’ve slept the whole day away!” I talk to him every weekend, and he says it every time!
– Ashley Coles, Paralegal Assistant
Susan130x130 Every time my family and I would go into New York City, my stepfather would look up at the tall buildings and say, “Hey you kids, get off that roof!”  This was so silly and predictable that it was funny.  I now say that to my children but they don’t get it.
-Susan Jaffe, Social Security Paralegal
Lori130 My dad gave me this life-changing advice: “Treating people with kindness makes people more likely to respond in kindness.”
– Lori Odom, Paralegal Assistant