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Contusion Injury Lawyers

What is a contusion?

Physicians refer to soft tissue damage as a “contusion.” That term refers to the injuries that can occur when a traumatic impact breaks blood vessels, causing blood to seep into and pool in the surrounding tissues.

The personal injury lawyers of Rutter Mills represent accident victims who have suffered this and other injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence. We know that this is very painful and can create long-term health problems, and we are dedicated to collecting the largest available damages settlements for our clients.

How Do Contusion and Soft Tissue Damage Lawyers Demonstrate the Severity of the Injury?

Contusions are often apparent from bruising and skin discoloration. If the contusion is deeper in the muscle tissue, the individual might not exhibit physical signs– and X-rays or other diagnostic scans might not reveal the extent of internal bleeding. In these cases, our lawyers will rely on assessments from the victim’s doctors who can verify soft tissue damage.

Some of the symptoms that they will look for include bumps or hard knots in the area of the injury, muscle stiffness, and pain that increases when pressure is applied.

What Are Some Typical Causes of Contusions?

Almost any kind of traumatic impact on a person’s body can break internal blood vessels and cause a contusion. Beyond this, soft tissue damage might also be the result of:

  • muscle sprains and strains;
  • automobile collisions and slip-and-fall accidents;
  • physical altercations, including domestic violence or use of excessive force by law enforcement authorities;
  • animal bites;
  • seizures

In some cases, surgery might be recommended to relieve pressure caused by a buildup of fluids in the soft tissues.

How Do Doctors Treat Soft Tissue Damage?

Generally, the basic treatment protocol will may include rest, icing, applying compression, and keeping injured limbs elevated to prevent internal pooling of blood.

Depending on the extent of the injury, a doctor might also recommend physical and rehabilitative therapy. They could also prescribe temporary limb braces to stabilize the injured area, as well as increased calcium and Vitamin D intake for better bone stability. The individual should always follow their physician’s recommendations. Failure to do so may be used as evidence to show that an injury is not serious.

What are the Available Settlements for Soft Tissue Damage?

The damages that can be recovered will always be a function of the extent of the injuries and how long it takes to recuperate. In most cases, it will include compensation for:

  • medical costs and expenses to diagnose and treat soft tissue damage;
  • the victim’s lost wages due to an inability to work while recuperating;
  • occupational and rehabilitation costs;
  • lost future earnings due to a diminished ability to work as a result of the contusion injuries;
  • the victim’s pain and suffering that interferes with the day-to-day enjoyment of life.

When Should You Seek Damages?

Virginia accident victims have two years to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. These types of injuries might not feel like more than a nagging pain, but they can get worse if not treated immediately. Because of this, personal injury lawyers always recommend that individuals seek medical treatment as soon as is possible after an accident. This will also foreclose any argument that the soft tissue damage happened as a result of some other incident.

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