May is Norfolk Bike Month

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May is Norfolk Bike Month

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May is national bike month, and I am very proud to say that our hometown Norfolk, VA is an active participant in the festivities. The “Bike Norfolk” Council and our personal injury attorneys is doing everything they can to raise awareness about biking in Norfolk, as well as promoting a variety of safety measures to ensure the safety of the bikers, and the drivers with whom they share their roadways. At Rutter Mills, we are huge advocates of safety in all of it’s forms, and applaud the efforts being made by the Bike Norfolk Council. It is also worth noting that the increased bike traffic on our roadways will require all of us drivers on the same roads to stay aware and alert of the increased traffic in the form of bicycles. As many of you know, accidents involving cyclist can often be very serious and even fatal, so it is incredibly important to be careful on the roads and be aware of all of the additional travelers that come out in the springtime.

Below you will find a bike map the council put together to promote safety on the Norfolk roads. While cyclists can use this map to gauge traffic on certain routes, drivers can also benefit from knowing where the majority of the bike traffic will be taking place. So remember, as the weather gets warmer and there are more and more pedestrians and cyclists on the roads drive safe and stay focused! If you do find your self in a bad pedestrian or bicycle accident contact the personal injury lawyers of Rutter Mills.

Bikeable Norfolk Map 2