Back To School Safe Driving Tips

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Back To School Safe Driving Tips

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In the next few weeks schools in Hampton Roads will be back in session, and the roadways will be full of kids headed to to school. Since we have all had a summer free of school buses and child pedestrians on the road, it is worth noting a few extra precautions that we should all take to ensure safety on the roads for the children in our community. Remember, children do not think about the risks of the roadways, so the responsibility is on the adult drivers to be extra cautious and to avoid accidents. Below are a few tips to consider for the coming weeks.

School Buses
– Keep an extra distance when driving around a school bus.
– Watch the bus’s signals carefully. Yellow lights signal that the bus is about to stop, and red lights with the stop sign mean children are getting on or off of the bus.
– Never Pass a stopped school bus.
– When a bus is stopped and children are getting on or off (red light and stop sign extended), traffic must come to a complete stop in both directions.

Children Pedestrians
– Be extra cautious in residential neighborhoods and school zones. Avoid speeding and distracted driving at all costs.
– Do not block crosswalks, as that forces pedestrians to walk outside of the crosswalk, and can put them in danger.
– Pay attention to signs and signals for school zones and pedestrian crossings.
– Remember that the responsibility is on you the driver, as children can be unpredictable.

As Car Accident Attorneys, we have seen our fair share of accidents involving children and they are always incredibly sad. Please exercise caution on the roadways, and understand the risks of distracted driving especially in school zones and residential neighborhoods.