Driver Complaints: The Worst Intersections in Hampton Roads

Driver Complaints: The Worst Intersections in Hampton Roads

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Hampton Roads has its fair share of irritating intersections — crossroads that are maddening, frustrating, and just get under your skin.

Intersections are some of the most crash-prone areas. Whether attributed to driver behavior, construction work, high traffic volume, or poorly timed signals, some intersections are more annoying – and potentially more dangerous – than others.

In a recent article, The Virginian Pilot published the results of an informal poll, in which they ranked the most annoying intersections in each city, according to drivers’ complaints. Here are some of the highlights.

Norfolk: bizarre intersection layout

The Norfolk intersection of Military Highway, Northampton Boulevard, and Princess Anne Road was ranked as the most annoying in Hampton Roads. Despite upgraded traffic signals and recently widened roads, this intersection garners poor ratings for its unintuitive design and bad light timing, resulting in several Norfolk car accidents each year.

The intersections of Little Creek Road and Tidewater Drive, Northampton Boulevard and the I-64 off-ramps and Five Points also drew criticism from motorists.

Hampton: gridlock from the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel

Motorists complain that the intersection of Settlers Landing Road and the I-64 ramps is a nightmare, especially if you’re coming from the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. Until this road is widened, drivers can expect car accidents in Hampton, delays and a continual chokepoint.

Complaints also noted Coliseum Drive and Mercury Boulevard, Jefferson Avenue and Mercury Boulevard, as well as Big Bethel Road and Hampton Roads Center Parkway, which is Virginia’s most dangerous intersection, according to state crash data.

Newport News: home to the 3rd busiest intersection

It comes as no surprise that the congested intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Oyster Point Road tops the list for driver complaints. Until Atkinson Boulevard is finished (sometime in late 2020), motorists can expect more of the same. There are red light enforcement traffic cameras, but this does little to reduce the number of Newport News car accidents.

Jefferson Avenue and Walmart Way, and Bland Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue also garnered honorable mentions for their honk-worthy frustrations.

Portsmouth: 5-point intersection madness

The five-point intersection at Alexander’s Corner can be a harrowing experience for drivers who aren’t familiar with the city. Or those who are blinded by the morning sun, as is often the case. This hectic intersection that connects Airline Boulevard, McLean Street, Portsmouth Boulevard, and Turnpike Road has been called “too much” and “terrible” by readers who sent in their complaints. Portsmouth car accidents are frequent at this convoluted crossing.

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