Tax Day Statistically a Dangerous Day For Fatal Car Accidents

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Tax Day Statistically a Dangerous Day For Fatal Car Accidents

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While we all know that tax time can be a stressful time, a new study shows that it can also be a dangerous time on the roadways. According to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association the odds of getting into a fatal crash increase by 6% on tax filing day. The study looked at the 6,783 people who died in car crashes in the United States over the last 30 years on April 15th, compared to the same day week before and week after. The results show a 6% increase in the number of fatal auto accidents.

This is no surprise to car accident attorney Brother Rutter. “Stress leads to distraction, which ultimately leads to unfortunate accidents. Whether it is taxes, or a cell phone a driver who is not focused is a dangerous driver.” Dr. Donald Redelmeier who wrote the study adds “One explanation is that stressful deadlines lead to driver distraction and worsen short-term human error.”

Because we all share the roadways, this heightened risk does not just apply to late filers but to everyone on the road. Stay focused on the roadways this tax season and be aware of the possibility of heightened danger in the cars around you. Should you get into a car accident be sure to contact the car accident lawyers from Rutter Mills.