The Dangers of Blind Spots

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The Dangers of Blind Spots

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Serious, sometimes fatal auto accidents can be caused by blind spots. These auto accidents occur more frequently than you may think. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 840,000 blind spot related accidents happen annually. Every driver is at risk of this kind of accident simply because all vehicles have blind spots. What are blind spots and how do they cause auto accidents? A blind spot is an area of the road that the driver cannot see using the vehicle’s mirrors. It ultimately hinders a driver’s view of another vehicle. Many and most times, blind spot related accidents are caused when a vehicle is changing lanes.


Blind spot related auto accidents are both dangerous and avoidable. These collisions are caused by drivers improperly checking traffic patterns, as well as driving in another car’s blind spot. How can you minimize your risk of collision caused by a blind spot? Here is a list of safety techniques and safe driving behaviors to decrease the risk of being in a car accident:

– Adjust your side and rearview mirrors to the correct position. The rearview mirror should frame the car’s rear window. Each side mirror should have a small part of the end of the car visible.

– You must be aware and alert of traffic patterns at all times. Use both your rearview mirror and side mirrors to observe nearby cars.

– Check all mirrors and look over your shoulder for oncoming traffic before changing lanes. Due to blind spots, you cannot view all areas of the road with your mirrors.

– Keep yourself visible – avoid driving in another car’s blind spot. If you cannot see a driver through their mirrors, they cannot see you.


Although there is no way to completely avoid all motor vehicle collisions, taking proper precautions will decrease your risk of an accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident due to a negligent driver, please contact the car accident lawyers at Rutter Mills Law Firm to learn how you can be compensated for your losses and damages.