Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads This Winter

Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads This Winter

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Staying safe on the roads during winter can be very difficult. Between snow, rain and black ice, every driver is at risk for being in an accident due to inclimate weather. To keep yourself and your family safe, it is important to keep your vehicle prepared and to be cautious while out on the roads.

Preparedness Tips:

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. – When the temperature drops your tire pressure drops too. Properly maintaining your tire pressure can allow your car to maneuver more easily. This makes driving safer – especially on rough or weather-ridden roadways.
  • Make sure your gas tank is always at least half full. – This will ensure that your fuel lines will not freeze.
  • Adjust your mirrors to reduce glares and blind spots. – If it’s snowing or raining, it’s already hard enough to see. By adjusting these simple safety devices, you can reduce the chances of being in an accident due to visual impairment from weather conditions.
  • Shop around for winter tires, tire chains, and tow chains. – If you live in parts of Virginia that are prone to snow and ice, look into these safety additions for your vehicle. They can help prevent skidding and can also get you out if you find yourself stuck.
  • Keep your car stocked with emergency kits. – If you find yourself stranded, having blankets, water, flashlights, candles, and a first aid kit on hand can help keep you and your family warm and safe while you wait for help to arrive.

Driving Techniques:

  • Drive cautiously – Maneuvering cars in hazardous conditions takes more time to reach your destination. Driving slower can help you react more quickly in a dangerous situation.
  • Braking – To avoid locking your brakes, pump and pulse your brakes. If you have an antilock braking system, firmly press the brakes, keeping your heel pushed to the ground and the ball of your foot on the pedal.
  • Keep your distance – Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Stopping can take up to two times longer if the roads are wet or icy.
  • Avoid Skidding or Sliding – Accelerate and decelerate very slowly. To correct a skid or slide simply take your foot off the pedals and turn your steering wheel the same way you are sliding.

We hope you and your loved ones travel safely to your destination. If you or someone you know is injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another driver, please call or text a Rutter Mills car accident attorney today to schedule a consultation at 757-777-7777.