What to do When You Get Hit By a Car?

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What to do When You Get Hit By a Car?

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Being struck by an automobile can lead to some of the most traumatic injuries any human being can experience. Our car accident lawyers of Rutter Mills lay down some important tips and advice for what to do when you get hit by a car.

But we humans do have one advantage over the machines: we can think. The way you use your brain in the moments following an auto collision can make all the difference to how your post-accident recuperation plays out.

With that in mind, here are 10 tips for what to do after getting hit by a car:

  1. Stay calm: This is the single most important rule to follow. Losing your head and letting your emotions take over will only increase your risk of suffering from long-term injuries. It may also come back to haunt you in other ways, since anger or fear can make people say or do things they shouldn’t.
  2.  Check your mental state:  Feeling confused or forgetting key things about yourself are common signs of a concussion or even traumatic brain injury. Medical personnel will need to know about these symptoms.
  3. Check your physical state: Is there any pain? Are you able to move about as normal? Are there any bruises, burns, cuts, or lacerations? Remember that adrenalin can temporarily mask signs of injury. So, pay close attention to how you feel in the minutes, hours, and days after the accident.
  4. Call emergency responders: The police should always be summoned to the site of an accident. Their testimony can prove crucial to how a lawsuit or insurance claim plays out. It’s a good idea to summon paramedics as well.
  5. Document the accident: Take pictures or make videos, if at all possible. This is one reason why carrying a smartphone or other mobile device makes so much sense. But even handwritten notes are better than nothing.
  6. Watch what you say: Phrases like “I’m fine” or “it was all my fault” are like ticking time bombs. They can blow up in your face, should you need the help of car accident lawyers later on.
  7. Avoid confrontation: It’s impossible to predict how the other party will react in an injury-causing situation. They may be apologetic and helpful or enraged and looking for a fight. Either way, you should stay cool and wait for law enforcement to arrive.
  8. Accept no money or other form of on-the-spot restitution: The person who caused your accident may try to push cash into your hands or make some other type of good-will gesture. Their motives may be admirable, but accepting their offer can close the door to compensation down the road.
  9. Have a doctor check you out: This is essential, no matter how you feel at the time of the accident. Serious injuries can take time to surface. Also, having a doctor confirm your injuries may prove decisive when dealing with insurance companies or other parties.
  10. Contact a car accident law firm: Choose a practice that has experience representing auto injury victims.

Remember Who the Insurance Companies Work for (hint: it’s not you)

Insurance can be a lifesaver when misfortune comes calling. But never forget that insurance companies are privately owned businesses that exist to make a profit. Intimidating accident victims or sweeping evidence under the rug is not unheard of.

That’s why you should never accept an insurer’s offer without talking to auto accident lawyers first. There’s where Rutter Mills comes into the picture. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you to get the compensation they deserve.

Find out for yourself what Rutter Mills can do by getting in touch with us today. It won’t cost you a dime to simply tell us your story. If we take your case, then we’ll work on contingency, so you’ll never have to worry about out-of-pocket costs.

Our car accident law firm representatives are available 24/7 for your convenience. Call, text, or email us today, then get ready for a better tomorrow.

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Dave Put His Trust in Us

Don’t Fall For The Insurance Company’s Games

Dave suffered serious injuries in a car accident. The defendant’s insurance company tried to offer him a low amount so Dave called Rutter Mills. We took over dealing with the insurance and got Dave the money he needed to get back on his feet.

They enabled me to be happy in life again.

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Glenn’s car accident changed his life, but not permanently thanks to the help of his Rutter Mills attorney. When the insurance companies wouldn’t help him, our team fought back and won.

I knew I needed Rutter Mills.

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Getting Justice

On his way home from work at the shipyard, Dan was involved in an accident. He tried to file a claim on his own, but the insurance company wouldn’t give him the money he needed to put his life back on track. Dan knew he needed to call Rutter Mills.

They actually won my case 3 times!

Larena's Win

After her car accident, Larena asked her father, a local stevedore, for his advice on who to call. He recommended Rutter Mills. Her team of car accident experts at Rutter Mills fought back when the insurance companies tried to deny her the money she needed to recuperate from her injuries. We took her case to trial – and won. When the insurance company filed their appeals, we beat them again – two more times! Larena got the money she needed and the justice she deserved.

We’re going to immediately call Rutter Mills. That’s the people I trust with my baby girl.

Who Do You Trust With Your Family?

After a car accident, Jamaree’s first call was to her mom. She was shaken up and scared. Mom told her “We’re calling Rutter Mills. Her next was to Rutter Mills. Her Rutter Mills car accident team helped her get compensation “above & beyond” what she was expecting.

They lifted allot of stress off my shoulders. I recommend them to anybody because they WILL fight for you.

Who Can You Turn To?

Referrals From Friends and Family

After John was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, he turned to the person he trusts most for a recommendation. His wife, a paralegal of 30 years, told him to call Rutter Mills on the advice of the lawyer she worked for.

They really care for you as a person. Words cannot describe what Rutter Mills did for me and for my case.

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When the insurance company tried to get Carol to sign paperwork after her car accident, she knew she needed a lawyer. Carol knew she needed Rutter Mills.

When I called Rutter Mills, I knew it was the right fit. They’re so interested in helping you get justice.

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When Mom Needs Strength

Taryn was in a car accident while she was pregnant. She knew she needed someone in her corner to protect her rights and her family’s future.

There’s attorneys, then there’s Rutter Mills.

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A devasting accident changed Levon’s life forever. The physical and emotional toll left him scared and in pain. When the insurance company for the defendant contacted the family, they made an offer that did not even cover the cost of the medication, much less doctors’ bills, and physical therapy. They knew they needed to talk to a serious lawyer. Rutter Mills took care of the negotiation so Levon could focus on healing.

When you’ve got a serious injury, you need a serious lawyer. That’s why we chose Rutter Mills.

Motorcycle Accidents Change Everything

When Ed was injured in a motorcycle crash, he knew he needed a serious lawyer to protect his rights. The insurance companies were fighting him every step of the way. Rutter Mills helped prove Ed’s case and get him the money he needed to get on the road to recovery.

With the seriousness of the accident, I knew that we needed a serious lawyer. I needed Rutter Mills.

Carol & Levon's Story

They knew they needed a serious lawyer when Carol and her son were seriously injured. After the other party’s insurance company tried to get her to settle for less than she needed, Carol called Rutter Mills for help. We took on the insurance company so she could focus on healing.

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