Coats for Families & Rutter Mills: Year 2 Was a Huge Success!

Coats for Families & Rutter Mills: Year 2 Was a Huge Success!

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This year’s Coats for Families project was a huge success! For the second year, we partnered with WAVY-TV 10, area YMCAs, and other local organizations to help provide warm coats for families in need. Over 400 coats were collected through the project this year! We at Rutter Mills really enjoyed working on this project and helping the community in which we live and work! Our team of personal injury lawyers has been representing clients for over 50 years and is always proud to be a positive impact on our community and clients alike.

In the brief video above, Brother Rutter (Managing Partner of Rutter Mills) discusses the importance of this project as he and Ashley Kelly (a representative from The YMCA) are interviewed by WAVY’s Chris Reckling on The Hampton Roads Show. Brother is also accompanied by several additional members of the Rutter Mills teams. Check out the video above! Here’s a transcript of Brother’s interview, as well!

Chris Reckling (WAVY-TV reporter): One of our community partners is Rutter Mills and now joining us is Brother Rutter. Thank you for being a part of this. Why is this important for Rutter Mills to take part in Coats for Families?

Brother: The community has been so supportive of Rutter Mills over the years and we’re always looking for someone with whom to partner and give back to the community, and what better partner than the YMCA because of the wonderful, positive impact they always have on Hampton Roads.

Chris Reckling: We all know that the need is great. What have you found about the need out there and why is it so important?

Brother: So many of us take for granted the fact that we can grab a sweater or a coat or a scarf and go out on a cold day, but not everybody has that luxury, and it IS a luxury. So we love being able to involve our entire community and our employees in bringing in coats that other people can use, so that on a cold day, they don’t have to worry about that. The kids can go to school; moms and dad can get off to work, and have a more comfortable day.

Chris Reckling: You were a partner with us for Operation School Supplies and now Coats for Families. Thank you for doing your part.

Brother: Well thank you so much. I think that this year they have collected over 400 coats. So, the need is there and the supply is there. Come on out and get a coat for you and your family.

Chris Reckling: Brother Rutter, thank you for joining us today on The Hampton Roads Show.