Rutter Mills Celebrates Women’s History Month


Rutter Mills Celebrates Women’s History Month

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March is Women’s History Month and Rutter Mills wants to recognize Georgina Montgomery, hard-hitting plaintiffs attorney, well on her way to being a part of legal history.

Georgina is a personal injury attorney at Rutter Mills, who has made a name for herself in what was once a male-dominated profession. Her career began as a defense attorney, working for insurance companies, but she knew she wanted to do more. She wanted to help individuals and families by protecting their rights and ensuring they got the compensation they needed to secure their future.


Rutter Mills was the perfect fit for this powerhouse trial attorney.

Montgomery joined Rutter Mills because of the firm’s reputation for operating with integrity, its firm standing in the community, and the client-centric approach to practicing injury law. Our processes, established over years of experience, allow Gina to handle cases the best way possible and keep her clients in the driver’s seat.

“I want my clients to know they are in control. If their case needs to go to court, than that’s what we do.”

Not every firm is willing or able to take on an insurance company in court. Firms need to have the resources to hire medical experts, create forensic reenactments, and conduct their own investigations by talking to witnesses and gathering data and evidence. Montgomery’s passion for trial advocacy meant she needed to be at an injury firm that could and would support her and her clients. Rutter Mills offers her that.

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“I want to really be able help people and I can’t do that at just any firm.”

Georgina’s compassion and empathy in dealing with clients and coworkers are matched only by her tenacity and skill as a litigator. Her area of expertise ranges from personal injury and car accident injury cases to the more specialized and highly complex practice areas of maritime law, known as admiralty law, daycare litigation, and other traumatic injury cases.

Montgomery has become the firm’s lead daycare injury attorney. This area of law requires compassion and tenderness in dealing with minor victims, which comes naturally to Gina, a mother of 2. The nuanced nature of the laws means daycare injury cases need to be looked at from every angle and prepared with extreme attention to detail in order to win. She will need to tell the victim’s story to the jury, even when they often can not speak it themselves. That is where Gina truly excels.

As a passionate artist, Georgina uses her storytelling skills, born in her youth from a love of the arts, to weave together a picture for the jury of what that victim has endured. It’s a skill that can not easily be taught at law school. It takes a natural talent and desire to perfect.

Outside the office, Gina is a wife and mother to two young children. She combines her vocal talent with her faith and serves as a cantor for her church. She enjoys running and surfing and looks forward to time away with family. Montgomery believes it is finding a balance between her personal and professional life that is the key to being good at both her career and as a mom. She is inspiring up-and-coming women in our office and the legal industry to pursue a successful career without having to set aside the goal of having a family.

This March, we are celebrating not only the women who made history but also the women helping write it. Georgina Montgomery will no doubt be a part of the future of Virginia law history and that is something worth celebrating.