Rutter Mills Helps Sponsor “Stop The Violence Team”

Rutter Mills Helps Sponsor “Stop The Violence Team”

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Stop the Violence Team Headed to See the Globetrotters

March 24, 2022 – A local community group, Stop the Violence, will be heading to see the Harlem Globetrotters this weekend thanks to support from community leaders like Brother Rutter of Rutter Mills and Norfolk Police. WAVY-TV first ran the story on March 3rd, 2022. The group is led by Bilal Muhammad, a community activist in Norfolk on a mission to keep kids safe and get guns off the streets. Muhammad’s goal for the outing is to provide a safe reprieve for area teens facing increasingly dangerous times as gun violence increases.

As a part of the Norfolk community, based in the Neon District of Norfolk, the team at Rutter Mills is dedicated to giving back to the community, and that mission comes from the top down. Brother Rutter, Managing Partner at Rutter Mills Law Firm, is known for his philanthropic efforts. This year, the firm is sponsoring local sports teams from Chesapeake to York County to give kids across Hampton Roads a chance to enjoy the best part of being a kid – playing. When Bilal Muhammad approached Rutter with a sponsorship opportunity, he welcomed it.

Muhammad’s message across social media channels and at the scenes of violent crimes is aimed at the adults. Bilal believes it’s up to the parents, relatives, and neighbors to step up and be better models for the next generation.

In a statement to WAVY-TV, he says, “Let’s go back to the old school of being responsible community leaders and community adults in the community.”

“We love being a part of this community and getting to give back. Letting kids be kids just a little longer is so important and we’re grateful to be a part of it. And who doesn’t love to see the antics of the Globetrotters?! The kids are going to have a great time.”- Brother Rutter of Rutter Mills